The links that come from authority sources play the biggest role to enhance the ranking of your webpages on Google search result page. You are most likely to be listed among the top 10 on Google result page if established authority-webpages link to your website with the anchor-text featuring your keywords.

High Authority Websites

These are webpages that have gained Google’s trust. Here are the criteria for determining if a website is a high authority site;

  • The site must be such that has been established several years back
  • There was no issue of spam with the website in the past
  • The website will have several backlinks from other webpages
  • The site must be part of an established site for a specific topic

First Step: Locate high authority webpages
Regardless of the controversies surrounding the PageRank displayed by Google on its toolbar, you can still take advantage of the displayed PageRank to locate authority websites. There are several service providers that help would be helpful.

Second Step: Obtain links from the high authority webpages
When you locate a high authority site, do your best to generate backlinks from the site. The list on several service providers link-manager would be helpful in terms of contacting the authority sites webmasters. If your website is excellent and features valuable content, the high authority sites would not hesitate to link to you.

If the authority site refuses to link to your site for certain reasons, contact the sites that are already linked to the authority sites you selected. Thus, the chain goes this way; the high authority sites link to the other websites, and these websites link to you. This is known as the second-tier links. Although the second-tier links may not have similar effect as getting links directly from the high authority sites, they are still quite useful and could be far better off than most links you already got, or likely to get from the internet.

Contacting Second-Tier Links Easily and Quickly – Tips

  • Locate a page that links to external webpages on the high authority site
  • Some of the service providers help to import the link page on their featured top-notch pages
  • These service providers not only import the links, but will also return more information for each featured webpage
  • Contact the websites using the built-in web browser and the service providers built-in email client

Links sourced from high authority websites are very essential for achieving high rank on Google. When more of these links point to your site, your chances of ranking high are enhanced. The service-providers tools are at times very useful when trying to get links from authority sites or second-tier links.

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