Our parents had 2 children Brandi and I. I was born August 14th, 1977, and Brandi born 7-10-1978. I was gifted with harmonic DNA balanced neutrality, protected by unique entities above and below.

My DNA star Terran/grey/Nordic/royal Draco. Properly combined tall whites perfected life in one individual. Tall whites have technology to harvest my DNA to create.

Royal Dracos push hybrisation, Royal Dracos attain throu natural hybrisation through specific genetic bloodline which is rare and slow.

Since scientist/royal dracos lack technology here on earth to synthesize or sustain dna. Brandi structured differently, born with pale shade.

Royal Draco/Nordic dominant meaning natural full fledged killer by birth rite a complete success. Brandi would kill me to be number one. My life means nothing to her.

Birth name Brandi LeeAnn Looney 666 demonic name. Remember story of Cain and Abel? Yep, I do. I don't want to ever meet u or come across ur path, a proverbial blackcat.

Ur psychotic, sociopathic, and all those scary words dosed with privilege. Means zero issue with murder, taking out competition, anything effecting ur life is a complication therefore must go at any cost.

I hope u kill undeserved family who will tarnish ur precious name. It's hard knowing u come from a fucked background? Upset ya a lil makes that Draco blood boil.

Knowing u came from an inferior place, below average parents, and disappointed. What were u expecting? Ur not to shit they gave u up not the pot of gold u hoped. We are night and day.

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Mistress Alisssandra Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist a Professional Article writer dabbling in short parable narrative. Contact @ niteflirt for advice 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 ext