Geng Yin – Yang Metal Tiger Year Outlook
Feb. 3rd. 2010 – Feb. 3rd. 2011 PST

For the upcoming Geng Yin year – Yang Metal sitting on top of Tiger (Yang Wood, Yang Fire and Yang Earth), at first glance it looks like a year of major conflict, due to the Heaven and Earth clash between the Yang Metal and Yang Wood, but when we take the Yang Fire and Yang Earth into account, there is an undercurrent of Qi/Chi flow between all these elements, which generates the Metal element.

Since the flow of Qi/Chi within the Tiger from the Wood to the Fire and then the Earth, the active Metal energy is constantly fed behind the scene in one sense. We can expect a lot of action (positive and negative) related to the Metal element, which can represent the metal mining industries, jewellery business, automotive industries, airplane manufacturing, war machines, armed forces, financial institutions, think tanks, high-tech industries, engineering, etc. Of course there will be more aggression and unrest between warring nations.

Since the Water element is the mitigating factor between the Yang Metal and Yang Wood, an open line of communication between dissenting parties will help to smooth out the problems – a good mediator at the onset and first sign of trouble is paramount.

In terms of health issues, the Metal element is related to the large intestines, the lungs – respiratory system, the brain and auto-immune system; pay particular attention to these areas. A full medical check-up and investigative tests, preventative measures, e.g. immunization shots, commitment to a healthy life style and eating habits, will help bolster the Human factor in the big picture – the Cosmic Trinity - Heaven, Earth and Man/Human Luck.

Since the Tiger of the year clashes with the Monkey in the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology analysis, people who have the Monkey in their charts will expect some upheavals in their lives for this year, which can be related to job and career changes, moving to a different house, city, country, etc.; there can also be change in life goals, partners/relationships and health situation.

In Chinese metaphysical studies, every 60 years complete a cycle of time. So for the people who were born in the previous Geng Yin/Yang Metal Tiger year (1950), be prepared to turn over a new leaf in life - some major changes coming up can be mitigated by their own positive actions and attitudes starting this year. Of course the good Feng Shui in their environment will have a positive impact too.

For more detailed look at the impact of the Yang Metal Tiger on each person, we would need to look at the individual’s Four Pillars of Destiny Chart - based on the year, month, day, hour and place of birth, in order to analyze the full implication of all the different aspects of the individual’s life during this year.

The building we live and work in has its own pattern of Qi/Chi, dependant upon when it was built, and its orientation according to the Earth’s magnetic field. Upon the arrival of Li Chun (Feb. 3rd. 2010 PST) according to the Solar Calendar, there is a change in the annual pattern of Qi/Chi in the universe, which acts as a trigger to the potential of change in the energy field of the building, by upsetting the balance and harmonious flow of Qi/Chi, and thus impacts upon the life of the people living or working within the space.

An annual Feng Shui update is essential to discern the potential issues that can arise for the occupants during the year.

Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design
Feng Shui Consultant & Interior Designer for Home & Business
Certified Feng Shui Research Centre Master & Lecturer

Author's Bio: 

Teresa was born and raised in Hong Kong, steeped in Feng Shui traditions. She began to study Feng Shui seriously after a close encounter with cancer in 1992. After years of Chinese metaphysical studies with Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center, she is now one of his certified Feng Shui Masters and lecturers. Teresa has students practicing as Feng Shui consultants in the Okanagan Valley, Edmonton, Vancouver, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast. She is a Chinese Physiognomy graduate student of Master Issac Chung. Teresa is also a certified interior designer with the Okanagan University College.

Teresa is featured in the award-winning book by Jaime Kowal - Waking Up the West Coast, Healers and Visionaries by Catalyst Publications. And her article on “Furniture Feng Shui” was published in the magazine showcasing B.C. and Alberta’s architects and interior designers - Design Quarterly Spring 2007 edition. She was featured in the article “The Comfort Zone” in the Reader’s Digest Best Health October 2008 magazine. Teresa was one of the speakers at the International Feng Shui Congress in Torino Italy September 2008; her topic was on “Feng Shui Application on Design & Planning – A Case Study”.

As a Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, Teresa has helped numerous clients on commercial and residential new construction and renovation projects. She had planned and built her own unique home and garden based on traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles.

Teresa takes pleasure in teaching professional courses, workshops and seminars to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology enthusiasts. Over the past years, she had organized numerous successful fundraising events/seminars for various charitable and non-profit organizations; such as the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation, the Vernon Rotary Club, The Vernon Breast Cancer Support Group, the North Okanagan Hospice Society, the Seva Canada Foundation, and the Vancouver Nalandabodhi Center. And the upcoming fundraising seminar for the Allan Brooks Nature Center in Vernon on "Feng Shui & The Garden" in June 2009.

Teresa is the Country Liaison (Canada) of the International Feng Shui Guild
Accredited Member of the Feng Shui Network

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