Gerber, a company known for its quality knives and Bear Grylls, a man known for his survival skills, have teamed up to market a line of outdoor products, called the Survival Series. This series includes knives, multi tools, lights, and more. One of these products is the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Scout Knife (#31-000754).

The Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife is about the size of an average folding pocket knife -- four inches long closed, about seven and a third inches long when open. Its coloring sets it apart, however, which is good if you ever drop it somewhere outdoors. The unique gray and orange colors make the knife easy to spot on the ground.

Although it looks like your typical pocket knife, the Scout Knife definitely qualifies as above average. One nice feature, which you'll notice as soon as you pick it up, is its weight. The Scout Knife only weighs about two and a half ounces, far less than most pocket knives of its size. If you're planning to take it hiking or camping, its light weight in your pocket or pack will be a nice benefit.

The knife is solidly made, with a sharp point, sharp blade, and a good strong lock and release mechanism. Its stainless steel blade is half-serrated, making it useful for cutting through rope or small branches. The fold-out tension on the knife is good, but you can adjust it with a Torx or star driver. The knife comes with a belt clip, which doesn't add much to the knife's size but is removable. There is also a small hole at the bottom of the knife, which you could use to carry the knife on a rope, string or thin keychain.

The blade folds out easily, and has a thumb stud on either side for one-handed opening by both righties and lefties. The handle has a good rubber grip with plenty of texture. The knife's belt clip even enhances the grip slightly, depending on how you hold it. The knife looks good, if you don't mind the orange coloring, and the blade has a facsimile of Bear's signature on it, which might appeal to fans of his TV show.

This knife is meant as a survival knife, but it's light enough to carry around as an everyday pocket knife. If you plan to carry it with you in public, however, you may want to check your local jurisdiction's laws regarding knives. The blade is longer than 3", which in some locations is illegal to carry in public.

Gerber sells the Bear Grylls Survival Series Scout Knife on its website for $29, which seems steep, but you can probably find it other places for less money. The knife also comes with Bear's "Priorities of Survival" booklet that includes tips on lighting fires, getting rescued and collecting water. The booklet has a lot of good information, and folds up small so you can stick it in your pack, bag or even glove box in case you ever need it.

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