Backbone Power, an easy to understand book, tackles the question of whether being a “people pleaser” is a virtue or a curse. Backbone Power takes the reader on a self-guided tour of their deepest thought processes to arrive at an understanding of the true “Self”. As they gain a better understanding of what drives their reasoning process, they are able to learn how to better assert themselves. Dr. Brown has been able to craft her message so as to empower people to develop a “Backbone” with the power to say “No”. The reader, at some point in this journey, will have an epiphany-that it is ok to say “No.” Saying “No” is an expression of how a person feels at that given moment. Stand strong at that “moment”, and a Better Life Ensues!

Say No to Bullying, Narcissists, Socio/Psychopaths, Substance Use Disorders, Enabling, Poor Health, Overwhelm, Sabotage, Settling, Domestic Abuse, and anything that doesn’t support you!

Say Yes to More Money, Better Sex, Healthy Love, Better Decisions, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships, Joy, Peace, You and Dignity.

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