If an ad is shown and then a individual clicks through it to the advertisers webpage, the user is then billed up to this maximum bid, typically from a pre-paid balance with the chosen PPC search engine.

Pay per click (PPC) Administration Services...

Tim Internet is a part of the Google Advertising Professional Program, and takes pride in dramatically lowering your cost per click, making your advertisements exhibit for more relevant search terms, and effectively minimising your month-to-month spend on PPC advertising. We also structure ads to reduce irrelevant click throughs and mouse click fraud wherever competitors click on your ads. In scenarios we have reduced PPC monthly service fees by over 60%.

We also layout and put up PPC campaign landing pages that have increased call to action, converting more of the visitors to sales leads, and enhancing client amounts.

All through the Google Advertising Professional Program, we can acquire control of any Google AdWords account and proficiently setup and manage your PPC campaigns. Along with a modest setup charge (for the configuraton involved in creating or managing you PPC campaigns), we will also charge yearly management fee to lower your total pay per click spend; for a much larger number of Google AdWords or PPC sales leads.

Find out more about having Tim Internet manage your Google Adwords account at http://www.timinternet.com/index.php/search-engines/get-more-leads-from-...

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