In today’s era, the speed of growth and development has increased widely in almost every arena. At the same time, this growth has put a negative impact on the mental and physical health of people. In the haste of getting ahead and winning the race people are working vigorously neglecting personal health. This overloaded work and busy schedule have introduced continuous mental stress and physical pain in the body. In order to get rid of stress and pain, a number of productive therapies have been discovered which are very useful. Among many, according to popular belief, the Tibetan therapy of singing bowls is highly effective in curing the pain and stress of a person. Tibetan singing bowls are very popular nowadays and exposed to majority of people fighting with stress.

Tibetan singing bowls is a unique kind of therapy that uses a bowl and a mallet or a stick made of some metals or other material. This bowl comes in various metals or crystals. These bowls are made up of an alloy of seven different metals accompanied by different planets. The metals are namely gold -as Sun, silver -as Moon, mercury -as Mercury, copper -as Venus, iron -as Mars, tin -as Jupiter and lead -as Saturn.

The main use of this bowl according to the Tibetan culture is to initiate the process of meditation and relax the muscles within the body. This therapy not only promotes intense relaxation but also relieves the pain out of the body. Depression or physical workload can be highly hazardous for health so an immediate solution is required. Singing bowls therapy is popular as the efficacious remedy of reducing the level of pain in joints, muscles, shoulders and pains related to sciatica and digestive system. These bowls are popular for relieving pains like headaches and migraine. These bowls are also used for muscle regeneration and releasing tensions.

How to use Singing bowls?

Singing bowls are indeed a magical and special way of healing the person and diminishing the negative effects of mental pressure. There is a particular process through which these bowls create vibrations and the healing process begins.

Hold the bowl in your non-dominant hand and the mallet or stick in your dominant hand. You have to hold the mallet like a baton and create a sound by striking the padded side lightly on the mid-exterior wall of the bowl. This produces a soothing tone which ultimately works as an effective measure for the treatment of body pain and mental stress. The sound actually creates pressure and relieves the muscles finally relaxing them to be in a normal state.

There is another way of creating vibrations and sound in the bowl by filling the bowl with water up to half of its capacity. Never pour more than enough water in the bowl otherwise it may spill out while striking it with a mallet or no vibrations will be produced at all. You should also pay attention to the time and effects produced on your body after the use. If you experience negative effects then it is advisable to cut off the time of playing this bowl up to five minutes a day.

There are different sizes of Tibetan singing bowls are available according to the user such as a small bowl with a size of 6 inches is for the Third eye chakra. Another size is around 4-5 inches for Crown chakra, medium size bowl is around 7-8 inches for throat chakra and 9 inches bowl is for the heart chakra.

The major benefits of bringing these bowls is:

* Maintain and aid the immune system.
* Promote relaxation.
* Reduce anxiety.
* Help your body come in the perfect zone.
* Improves circulation, blood flow and finally increases the energy level in the body.

When it comes to selecting Tibetan Singing bowls there are a few factors to be taken care of. There are high quality and low quality available which can be identified by the kind of sound clip. The good quality bowl is able to hold its vibration and produce several sounds and tones.

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