Nowadays with the advancement in the medical science, there are many fertility treatments are available for the couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months due to infertility factor. In case, these couple does not have an option of using their own eggs to conceive a baby, then these couples can go for theEgg donor program in India where the Egg donor in Mumbai will fulfill their dream of having their own baby. In most of the cases, women after the age of 35 years need the Egg Donor to conceive a baby as after the age of 35 years her ovarian reserve starts falling and she is unable to produce the mature eggs for the fertilization.

Egg Donor in Mumbai is the woman who helps the other women by donating her eggs which will be artificially inseminated with the sperm of the recipient husband and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the intended mother. We are the leading medical tourism company in Mumbai which offers the professional Egg Donors in Mumbai who have the higher chances of successful pregnancy as we have the young, healthy and fertile Egg Donor in Mumbai who is thoroughly screened for infectious disease such as AIDs and Hepatitis by the fertility experts in Mumbai to ensure the highest rate of taking the baby home.

The fertility experts in Mumbai not only screen the Egg Donor in Mumbai but also they properly screen the recipient as the developing embryo will be placed into their uterus. The reason behind screening the recipient is that the success rate of their clinic will not be affected due to the medical problem with the recipient.
The recipient will be screened for the following factors:

• They will be screened for their TSH level and Serum prolactin
• Both men and women will be screened for the infectious disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis
• Male member is screened for their semen analysis and semen cultures
• Females uterus is properly examined by the fertility expert using the ultrasound scan which helps the fertility experts to look for the presence of lesions which might interfere with implantation, such as fibroid tumors, scarring or polyps.
• Before the fertility experts begin the egg donation program they advise the couples to meet the counselor for their psychological or physical test to bear the egg donation treatment.

After all, this is completed the couples are worried about the cost. The Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai depends on the various factors such as the age of the women, cause of infertility etc. but if couple will compare the Egg Donor Cost in India with the egg donor cost in other Western countries than people will find a huge difference in costs which is around one-tenth of the cost that has been charged in other Western countries as compared to India.


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