“I still love him.” For an incredible number of women, this is actually the undeniable reality. Even after the happy times and the bad, all the petty annoyances and all the huge arguments, a real feeling of love can continue to persist even years after divorce. Marriage could be a lifetime connection even after it comes to an end, and the desire to “give it another try” is strong and not unusual.

Relationships are built on love, and when your former spouse still bears some of that old flame in his heart (and the likelihood is he does) then rekindling that fire you had is always doable. Stick to these important pieces of advice to increase the potential for restarting your relationship.

Allow time. Time heals just about all wounds, and when you’ve allowed plenty of time before winning back your ex husband, things may go easier for you. In the same vein, the more time you keep in contact with your ex husband before you take it to the next level, the better off your chances will be.

Keep in touch. Initiating that all important second meeting is often as simple as saying “I need to speak with you regarding something.” However before that can happen, you need to make sure that your ex husband is ready to speak with you. If you’re already speaking on a regular basis (maybe through discussed custody of your children) be sure you build an atmosphere of friendliness and trust. If people aren’t in touch presently, make a reason to speak with your ex casually, “just to talk about old times.”

Flirt delicately. Bear in mind that you are still wooing a man, even when that guy is actually your ex husband. Letting him know you’re thinking about a playful, casual strategy is a wise idea if you wish to get him back. Springing everything on him at once could frighten your ex-husband away, as males are often scared of big shows of feelings.

Ensure that it stays light. Try not to linger on any kind of baggage you might share from the last time around. Don’t overlook that if you’re looking to get your ex spouse back, after that you’re getting a new beginning at the romantic relationship! Although you should share mutual forgiveness for the problems of history, this is a new day! Make sure you’ve learned through what happened last time, and he might be ready to give it an additional try.

Rebuild trust. No matter what you can do to repair trust will help you get your ex partner back again. Try to offer to do some little favors for your ex, and help out in the little ways that no one else does. Anything that you can do in order to rebuild that important trust between you will be a step towards restarting your romantic relationship. Show your ex you have matured, are more reliable than ever, and that you’re a valuable woman to have as a teammate. Relationships are as much about partnership because they are about enthusiasm, and if a person help your boyfriend or girlfriend achieve his goals, he'll be more ready to let you back into his life in a more significant way.

Should you follow these easy rules, you’ll be on your way to winning back your ex husband for good. Keep in mind that men hate drama, but love someone to lean on. Make yourself available without being desperate. There’s merely a thin line between friendship and courtship. If you can become valuable to him as a shoulder to cry upon, or a friend to have fun with, then the hop to a sexual relationship is a lot simpler.

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