Dell has launched an innovative series of desktops under the category of XPS, which are quite famous because they are manufactured to give powerful performance, loaded with all the necessary functions (as required), provides incomparable support and comes in unique designs. These desktops are designed, keeping in view those geeks, who are highly fond of above mentioned features, to have in the desktop computers they use.

Read on and get to know about the extreme performance and super cool features of the Dell XPS desktop computers.

The Dell XPS desktops are designed to provide top class performance and therefore, latest technologies are incorporated in the incredible case of tower. The XPS 8500 is the masterpiece launched in 2012, however, there is another excellent creation of Dell named XPS 27, which is basically an All-in-One PC. If you are seeking for a desktop computer that delivers the best performance and has the feature to expand further, then these desktops are perfect for you.

The XPS desktops provide solutions for all your needs that last for long. Moreover, these desktops are best suited for entertainment and multimedia, also you can enjoy video coding or editing and music and picture management on it. You are also provided with an optional Blu-ray settings, four 3.0 USB ports and a 19-in-1 media card reader, which is provided with the XPS desktops along with numerous features.

Features of XPS 8500

This model of desktop computers by Dell is titled as “The Special Edition”, which for sure depicts that this system comes with exciting and super cool features, thus, making it stand ahead among others. The XPS desktop parts incorporated inside the well designed tower includes the 3rd generation Intel core i5 and i7 processor that makes your system give super fast performance.

Along with this, up to 16GB memory is provided and 2TB hard drive, USB 3.0, integrated 7.1 audio standard and an optional 256GB Solid State Hard Drive, which helps in increasing the cache size, which further adds on to the performance of your XPS 8500.

Hence, all those who are in need to acquire a desktop computer that is capable to perform advanced computing, and then the XPS 8500 is the most suitable choice.

Features of XPS 27 All-in-One

The XPS 27 is designed to provide you the convenience of placing your desktop anywhere you want, as this system does not comes with a tower. It’s an all-in-one PC; everything is built-in inside the monitor. Moreover, to facilitate all users, whenever they need to perform more than one tasks at a time, Dell has incorporated Quad-core 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and about 16GB of DDR3 1600MHz memory, which assures uninterrupted and proper multitasking.

In addition, you are provided with the option to add solid state Hard Drive. With the integrated Infinity Premium stereo speakers, you are able to get an experience of cinema at your home. Further, you can add other features like Blu-ray Disc drive and TV tuner.

The 27 inch quad HD display, gives you complete chance to enjoy movies, games and creative projects.

The Dell XPS 27 is also undoubtedly, one of the superior qualities PC, which for sure delivers the performance that most users want and rest the smart features, provides the enjoyment level that most of the desktop computers lack.

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