So you have your mind on a special guy or you are attempting to get in a relationship with the guy of your dreams, and you want to know how to get the guy you of your dreams. Follow these three easy rules if you want to prevent turning him off.

Rule #1: Determine what you're really looking for.

Before you even begin wooing him, you really need to understand yourself and where you want this relationship to go. There are a lot women who have been effective in attracting an good-looking guy but when it came down to it, the guy did not have the characterstics that they wanted in a potential partner. Know what you want. It will save you plenty of tears and wasted time.

Rule #2: Do a little research and learn about his interests.

If you already have a special guy in mind, learn about his interests. Is he a admirer of a particular sports team?. Does he like to participate in sports?. What kind of music does he like?. Do not make it seem like an interview, but find out about his likes and dislikes. Do not make him feel like he is the center of your universe. Talk about subjects you know about, topics you are interested in, and find out your common passions.

Rule #3: Avoid giving off a desperate vibe

Keep in mind that you are an awesome person and do not need a guy to validate you. When attempting to appeal to the man you desire, you must have the attitude that he would be lucky to get to know you. Never try to impress him artificially with stories or demonstrations of your superpowers. Men pursue women; needy women usually are the ones who chase men. Just be the woman you are. Show him the independent and complete woman you are so that he will feel the need for you to complete him. He wants to ask you out, so show him that you are approachable. Every meeting is not a winner and every guy will not see your charm. That's life. By staying positive and focusing on your positive characteristics, you will soon attract the man that is perfect for you.

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My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship coach to women. In the beginning, I made many dating mistakes that caused me to be single longer than I wanted. Since then I've learned how to attract and keep the man of my dreams. I love sharing my new found knowledge on what to do and not to do to entice the man of your dreams.

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