According to a study, it has been found that on an average, an employee in the US wastes around 22 minutes every day due to computer issues. This is mostly due to incompetent or understaffed IT departments. Whatever be the case, these 22 minutes are irrecoverable and may lead to a loss of revenue without you even knowing it. To address this problem, outsourcing help desk support services serves as a good option.

How to Search for Your Next Help Desk Support Services Provider?

Providing help desk support services is not an easy task. People communicating these services need to have a logical mindset. However, not many help desk services are blessed with such talent. Therefore, you should avoid running an in-house department for help desk services and instead use services from vendors with proven talent in this domain. Below are some tips that will point you in the right direction during your search:

1. Analyze their ticketing system – Ticketing system plays a pivotal role in determining the success of any help desk department. Without a good ticketing system, the helpdesk team is liable to waste a lot of time on unnecessary tasks like searching for buried issues, setting their priority and ensuring that no one else is working on the ticket that they are resolving. These tasks can be easily automated with a quality ticketing system. An experienced and competent vendor will have access to ticketing solutions with features like: canned responses, smart notifications, activity logs and custom ticket views. These functions will ensure timely resolution of tickets and remove the burden on the helpdesk team.

2. Overview their training methods – Training plays a vital role in improving the capacity of agents to handle typical technical issues. Before outsourcing your helpdesk, you should oversee the training sessions of your outsourcing vendor. It is best to visit their premises in person to have a look at how they conduct their trainings. A logical step-by-step approach needs to be inculcated into every helpdesk agent to receive the desired rewards. If you don’t find the trainings up to your expectations, it’s time to give someone else a chance.

3. Check the records of managers – It is almost impossible to check the past records of every employee that will be part of your outsourced helpdesk. However, it is definitely possible to browse through the profiles of the main managers on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. By accessing information about their past experience, you will get a fair idea about their credentials, vision and achievements.

Not having a good helpdesk support at your disposal can come back to haunt you in the longer run. Although 22 minutes lost due to computer issues does not sound too much, the accrued idle time over a period of time can push your revenues down big time.
While phone support for helpdesk services is a good option, you can also use back office outsourcing services like email and chat support to provide another medium for your employees to access technical support services.

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