Mastectomy is required if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer although women may not like this idea even a bit.This procedure is one of the most mentally tough challenges for a woman as she could have to get one or both the breasts removed.At times, women have to get the breasts removed as a safety precaution against breast cancer.The corrective measure after this procedure is known as mastectomy breast reconstruction.The reconstruction surgery can be completed quickly after the breasts are removed.This is done so that the woman does not have to come back again for another round of surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is very advantageous as women are able to choose how the breasts will appear.It is a process that is normally carried out under the influence of local anesthesia at the time of mastectomy.This is not a bad choice as the surgery does not negatively influence the process of chemotherapy or prevent diagnosis of cancer coming back.There are no issues with the recovery period of the mastectomy as well when you opt for reconstruction surgery.Hence, you need not worry about any negative consequences that may affect your cancer treatment process.

At times, women get one breast removed which hampers the symmetry of the body.This can be easily adjusted by seeking advice from the surgeon as to the augmentation or reconstruction process.It is no secret that a woman's self belief and confidence will take a severe beating if her breasts are cut off.There are not a lot of problems if you are looking to get back your self confidence that you lose after the process of mastectomy.You also do not need to rely on face prosthetic devices which can also act negatively to dent your confidence and self belief further since these are not real in nature.

The mound will have to be created properly keeping the shape and size in mind for which a good amount of skin is required.Adequate skin has can be given to the mound by removing skin from different parts such as the abdomen.One of the applications of silicone gel is seen for giving support to the reconstructed breasts after the surgery.This is actually the norm in any standard in good medical clinics which should be your preferred destination for getting the right treatment.There are different factors such as the condition of the patient and their personal choice while determining the method to be employed.

It is only natural that you may not feel at complete comfort with the new found breasts thanks to the mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery.One of the side effects after the surgery is the presence of incision lines that are left behind on the operated area.One of the things that you need to understand is that every cancer treatment center does not automatically have the provision for breast reconstruction surgery.It is best if you talk things over with the surgeon before the mastectomy so you can arrange for the breast reconstruction surgery at a good clinic afterwards.

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