If you have thought about pursuing a career in teaching but don’t really want to go to school for the next four years to earn a degree, TEFL Glasgow may be for you. Teaching English as a foreign language is a great way to be able to teach without needing a degree. The great thing about it is you can go anywhere in the world to teach. Seeing new sights, learning new culture and teaching English to children and adults can be an exciting adventure.

The requirements to become certified in TEFL are not that hard. You will be required to take 120 hours before receiving a certificate to teach. You do not have to spend all of the 120 hours in a classroom. You can actually take classes online to get certified. Study in your spare time and you can finish in as little as six to eight weeks. Most TEFL courses do require you to come to a couple of classroom sessions where you will get experience speaking in front of people. Speaking in front of your peers will help give you the confidence needed to stand up and teach English to your students.

Once you sign up for your TEFL Glasgow course, your materials will be supplied to you and you can get started right away. When you finish the course and become certified, your school may also help you find a job. You do not have to try to find a place to teach on your own. The connections that the TEFL courses have with schools all around the country will help you find a job that you will love. You can choose to teach kids, adults or both. You may start out in an elementary school but sometimes companies hire people to teach English to their staff. If you have over 100 hours of TEFL schooling and can present your certificate to the employer, that can help you get hired quickly. The best schools and companies will make sure they hire someone who is TEFL certified. You can probably get a job without TEFL certification but only as a teachers aid or assistant which does not pay as well.

Teaching English to those who cannot speak it can be a great experience. Especially when you see the progress they will make each day. Visiting another country and learning about their culture can also be a great experience. If teaching is something you want to do, why wait for a four year degree when you can start now with TEFL Glasgow.

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