So, if the apocalyptical forces foretold by Nostradamus and the Mayans, do not come to pass with the literal end of the world, with the precession of the Equinoxes on the 21st December 2013, let's look at what will 2013 bring as it opens its eyes to a new annual dawn.

Aries 2013 horoscope: The year 2013 would be dynamic for you throughout in all phases of your life. Your role in society and family shall get reinforced for the better. You shall turn out to be a helping hand for those around you. A kind of solitude might set in your life but make use of this find your inner peace and freedom. Be sure that you give in some sort of concessions in your relationships for the betterment of your future.

Cancer 2013 horoscope: Your toils in previous years shall bring forth good results in this year of 2013. There would be a general growth in all area of your life. Success shall come in packets for you much to your delight. There would be many opportunities for you to show off your intelligence to the world. Most of your projects be it personal or professional shall have a happy ending this year.

Gemini 2013 horoscope: You will be able to consolidate your plans and efforts this year of 2013. You shall be able to reach the crown of your ambitions this year. New avenues seem to open up and it shall bring you closer to achieving your set ideals for life. Some agitations might come on your way, but do not lose your heart. Move on a practical note and you shall be blessed with a better lifestyle than the previous years.

Leo 2013 horoscope: Events shall flow with a better spark and schedule this year for you. Relationships shall enter into new deals and you shall be able to reap the fruits of your previous year's projects. Some moments of uncertainty and melancholy might creep in during the middle part of the year, but do not lose your cool. Follow your ideals and ambitions in life and this year are going to be much good for you than you had anticipated.

Taurus 2013 horoscope: Life would be a song with not many troubles for you in this year of 2013. Make full use of your creativity come up in life this period. In generally peace and tranquillity would prevail in your life. Your status in life improves and you shall be able to get the comforts in life you had yearned for all these time. Better opportunities come in your way without much effort. More freedom and independence shall also come for you.

Aquarius 2013 horoscope: This year of 2013 would be much more peaceful and serene than you had imagined. It would be a period of huge possibilities with vast growth opportunities for the future. Make sure that your impulsive actions do not bounce back on you. There would be good relationships with those around you in all aspects of life.

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