Halloween is the one holiday that gives you a license to dress up however you like and get away with it! Some have probably already started shopping for the most popular costumes, decorations, and candy but others prefer a different approach. True Halloween lovers have most likely been planning their costumes since last year… meaning October 31, 2017. Hey, it sounds a little extreme, but true nonetheless. If you want to rival the costume connoisseurs, you’ve got to think outside the box!

No time for pumpkins and witches, bring out the big guns and channel your inner creative genius. These costumes are ideal for if you have waited until the last minute, short on cash, or just simply want to get a little more hands-on with your look.

The Nun

If you want to go scary, surprise your friends with The Nun costume from The Conjuring! Get some black and white fabric, as well as some black and white makeup. If you want to be true to the character get some yellow contacts as well. There are a couple of ways you can portray this character in a costume. You can paint half of your face in the human form and half in the dead face or you can go full on dead face. Either will impress the crowd and land you in the costume hall of fame with your friends.

Wakanda royalty

The Black Panther made a splash in the movie theaters this year. And it wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t at least one costume reflecting this movie. What you need to pull off this look is a jeweled choker necklace, chandelier earrings, makeup, one of your long elegant dresses and a white wig. If you want to make the crown, break out the paper mache and paint! Measure your head and use a wig head to hold it as you paint the crown! Don’t forget to get into character! The queen mother always walks with dignity and poise.

The Walking Dead

This is the classic last minute costume. If you are budget conscious, all you need are some old ripped clothes and an artistic friend to do the FX makeup! You can make the wounds out of Vaseline, baby powder, and makeup. Put it all together and voila! You are a walking dead zombie. While you’re at it, work some Vaseline and fake blood through your hair to take it to the next level!

Comic book character

Be anyone you want with this comic book look. Create yourself as a comic book character or a character from a real comic book, like Archie. All you need for this look is makeup and possibly a wig! If you want to recreate a look from an existing comic book, raid your own or your friends closet for an outfit similar to that original look!

A wild animal

Rely on the makeup to get your point across! You can also pick up a bodysuit in the color of the animal you want to portray. For example, if you want to be a tiger, pick up an orange bodysuit, paint tiger stripes on it and let it dry over a few days. Paint your face in the same fashion as you did your body suit. Make a tail with paper or yarn, cover it in fabric and paint that as well! This costume is fun for the more artistically inclined, but it gives you a chance to really think outside the box and be creative. Nothing is off limits!

DIY costumes can be just as fun and creative as store-bought costumes, even more so. If you want to step things up a notch and challenge your creativity than this is a good place to start. Remember with DIY costumes, nothing is off limits!

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By: Alisha Long
with www.mobilestyles.com