Do you have a dream of becoming a journalist? Well, with thousands of news generating sources around right from newspapers to television to radio, the media scenario in India is thriving with opportunities. The job of a journalist is respectable, challenging and at the same time deserves to be handled by a responsible person. It is through them that people receive updates on the latest India news which include state news such as Bihar news, UP news etc. The journalists must be flawless when it comes to serving the news. They connect different regions of the country with each other through a common thread of news. People in Kashmir get to know West Bengal news and people of Tamil Nadu get to know Gujarat news from the newspapers. Let us take a quick look and try to understand.

• The prime responsibility of the journalist is to bring latest Bihar news to the fore. But it has to be kept in mind that not every material is newsworthy and the journalist has to go through a grind to find out news that can be served to the people. Hence, the reporter should have in-depth knowledge of the beat he is covering. For example, in order to discover the real truth behind West Bengal Newsinvolving a brutal murder the journalist must first collect or even better remain equipped with information on the region’s scandalous past.
• The journalist receives his daily dose of information from a variety of sources specific to the beat he/she has been allotted. Every aspiring journalist with a penchant for success has to go about developing sources. People with useful information on the topic in discussion are considered newsworthy sources. From latest global news to local Gujarat news, sources play a vital role in unearthing news.
• The profession of journalism is marked by secrecy. Nobody wants to reveal the sources in public. It won’t do any good if the reporter turns out the people who had helped them gather information.
When it comes to discussing the essential traits of the journalist’s profile, the points are many. What needs to be remembered is the fact that the prime goal of the journalist in India revolves around reporting the latest India news whether it is Bihar news or West Bengal news from East India or Gujarat news from Western India. The news should be fresh, bias free and informative.

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