A cataract refers to the lens of the eye becoming clouded which leads to reduced vision. Cataracts develop over time and can affect one or both eyes. This usually affects people of old age. If you would like to get expert medical advice on the condition or a second opinion then find doctors online. The internet has really made life so much easier for consumers. You can avail pretty much any service online like shopping, food, entertainment and even get health care through online doctor apps too! Almost everything can be purchased online by using mobile apps with just a few clicks. Online health services like My live doctors have revolutionized the way that doctors see patients. Online healthcare mobile applications are being used in Pakistan too. Now you can find doctors online in Lahore or any city of Pakistan, book a tele-appointment with doctor and get treated from home. Online doctor apps allow you to keep track of your health problems even with a busy schedule. It’s never been easier to book online appointments with specialists and even get a prescription online in minutes!
Symptoms of cataract may include faded colors, blurry or double vision, halos around light, trouble with bright lights, and trouble seeing at night. If you have experienced any of these symptoms then download a doctor availability app like MyLiveDoctors and book a tele-appointment online with physician in Lahore or any city in Pakistan. Do you have a more specific health concern? Well then look up a specialist on the app and connect instantly! All those aches and pains, flus and colds that pester you every day do not require lengthy waiting times at the hospital anymore! They can easily be assessed online through video calls and treated effectively as long as you don’t require urgent or emergency care.

Can I find best online physician in Lahore?

The usual treatment for cataract is surgery. If you would like to get a professional opinion about it you can instantly find online doctors and get an online medical consultation. Telemedicine has proved to be very useful for individuals that live in rural and remote areas where they might not have immediate access to quality healthcare. With an online doctor app people living in Lahore can cater their health concerns by finding doctors online from the comfort of their own home. After talking to the doctor online you still want to go to the doctor’s office or you’ve been advised certain lab tests and investigations you can find best online physician in Lahore too. Doctors from most regions are included in our online doctor database.
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Dr. Abigail Kane MD is a graduate of George Washington University school of medicine. Dr. Kane trained in the department of cardiology during her residency. During her residency she was able to provide utmost care and consultation which resulted in an overall improvement of the department. Dr. Kane has been practicing as a cardiologist in California since 1997. She currently has 7 publications in the American Journal of Cardiology and has co-authorships involving other publications. Her practice focuses on new research in the field of Cardiology in accordance with published clinical trials. Most of her treatment strategies are evidence based as her are research papers. She has always been a career-driven, ambitious individual with high aspirations. Dr. Kane is listed as a major contributor in the publication that featured the therapeutic effects of a new cardio-protective drug that may be used in preventive cardiology. Currently Dr. Kane hold various certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and she was also recognized with an award for her work in cardiology research.