The investment is considered as the first and foremost step of starting business. The investment is mainly required for merchandise, infrastructure, labour charges, packing charges and shipping charges etc. Bigger the size of business, higher the requirement of investment is. But the concept of dropship helps to start online business without investing in infrastructure costs, merchandise, packing, labour charges, and shipping charges. With the dropship agreement one can get access to the huge stock of merchandise of the dropshipper and sell the goods at own prices.

In this scenario of changing fashions, tastes, preferences etc it is always a risky task to invest in merchandise. Moreover, one has to keep on investing for updating the merchandise as per the latest trends and fashion. Hence if anyone wants to start his business then it requires lots of investment in merchandise itself except other costs. My Online Fashion Store has already built up their market as wholesale fashion dropshippers offering variety of products like tops, bottoms, jump suits, outerwear, sleepwear, basics, socks, under wears, jewellery items, shoes, accessories and many more items.

Drop shipping agreement facilitates to commence online business empire without incurring any cost on merchandise, packing and shipping. You just need to open a dropship account for dropship clothing with the My Online Fashion Store and provide the item and shipping details of customers. The dropshipper will bear all the expenses of packing and shipping. Moreover, in case of sales return by the customer then also dropshipper will take care of return pickup and refunds.

The salient features of dropship clothing agreement at my online fashion store are free access to thousands of products that keep on updating on weekly basis, free return services, low shipping costs, no dropship fee per order, access to wholesale price list, marketing materials will be provided, priority order processing, customer support service, free access to app etc. My online fashion store is having team of experts that is working 24 hrs daily for providing the latest merchandise to the customers. They do have integration with the popular platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Magento and many more.

My online Fashion store the wholesale fashion drophippers offers two type of dropshipping programs. One is standard subscription and the other one is Shopify App. Hence as per your requirement, the suitable program can be selected. Standard subscription if for customers who do not want an e-commerce store or those who already have an online store but it’s not on the SHOPIFY platform. The standard plan will give access to web portal where you can access, view & download product data and images easily. And on the other hand, shopify app program is for customers who already have a store on Shopify platform or are interested in opening a store on the Shopify platform. This option gives access to SHOPIFY APP which makes it extremely easy and user friendly to add and manage items to Shopify store. It is pertinent to mention that both the programs offer 14 days free trial option.

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