Method No 3: Get Free from Limiting Beliefs

Discover and then free yourself from all limiting beliefs (social and personal) concerning what you can and cannot manifest and what can or cannot be done, especially in relationship to your specific goals.

Our beliefs are the one main limiting factor in our creation or attraction process. We may feel unworthy of having what we desire. Or we might believe that we cannot have it. We may also actually fear having what we desire.

Childhood programming

Such limiting beliefs are developed when we are young and tend to assume that others are right and that we must be wrong. When we do not have something we need as children, such as love, affection, attention, peace, respect, material objects, abundance, respect, happiness etc, we tend to form two conclusions: one is that we do not deserve it, and the second is that we will not or cannot have it in our lives.

Later on in our lives, we might employ a program like this one in which we learn to consciously project what we now want, but if we have not recognized and removed the limiting subconscious belief that “I do not deserve it and cannot have it” then it is unlikely that we will subconsciously allow our needs to manifest.

Sympathetic Vibration

Even if we ourselves do not accept these limiting beliefs consciously, they tend to affect us through our collective subconscious and united morphogenetic field in which we all share beliefs, feelings and archetypes.

We are affected by what others think to the degree that those specific beliefs still exist within us. This is called sympathetic vibration. We are affected by others to the extent that they awaken within us our own beliefs, doubts or fears. We need to free ourselves from even the slightest doubt about what we seek to manifest.

For example, participants in fire walking seminars are able to discard the belief that they will be burned when walking over the coals. To the extent that they free themselves, they are able to actually walk over the coals without burning their bare feet. Although the society around them continues to believe that the fire will burn their feet, they have removed that belief and create a new reality free from social perception. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls this getting free from the tribal belief system.

What are some of those limiting beliefs that might be harboring in our subconscious and thus preventing our powers of attraction and creation? Here are just a few of myriad possibilities:

1. In relationship to money, wealth and affluence.
A. Some limiting beliefs might be:
1. Money is the root of all evil.
2. Money cannot bring happiness.
3. Money can be made only through hard work.
4. A rich person cannot be a spiritual person.
5. Money is dirty, not spiritual.
6. People who have money are spoiled by it and lose their compassion and love.
7. We cannot create a lot of money and affluence in a moral way.
8. I am not worthy of abundance.
9. It is not spiritual to desire more than I have.
10. Abundance is not for me.

We will need to free ourselves from these or other limiting beliefs and replace them with perceptions that allow our subconscious to accept wealth and abundance.

B. Some alternative, positive beliefs might be:
1) Money is a form of universal spiritual energy that can be used for selfish or selfless purposes. It is neither good nor bad. It is a neutral energy that becomes a positive or negative force in the universe by the way it is used. Money in the hands of the evolved and selfless can do wonderful good for all.

One of my most important spiritual teachers has created three extremely large and well equipped hospitals and five universities, as well as a water supply project for over 600 villages – all with donations that passed through his hands. He himself lives in a small room of 30 square meters and lives only to serve those who need him. All services, operations, medicines, food and classes in the hospitals and universities are free. No one pays anything. This is the power of creation and it is being used not for himself, but for others. An extremely spiritual and selfless person can do wonders with money.

2) Money alone may not bring happiness, but combined with love, peace, and a meaningful life, it can add to that happiness.

3) Many people have attracted money and abundance in effortless and joyful ways by creatively doing what they love.

4) We are all worthy of abundance. Christ explains this when he says, in Matthew 7 : "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. If you… know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!”

As children of God, expressions of the Divine, as the divine consciousness itself projecting into the physical dimension, we are all worthy of receiving the best of what this material world has to offer.

C. Letting go of attachment

The key here is not to be attached to what we want or have. Enjoying abundance and being attached to it for our feelings of self-worth, security or fulfillment are not the same. One person can be without abundance and be totally attached to it and unhappy because he does not have it. Another can have much but not be dependent on what he or she has in order to experience inner self-worth, security and fulfillment.

The problem with money and affluence is not in having them, but living in the illusion that our self-worth or security is dependent on them. This is equally true for those who have and for those who do not have.

2. Another area in which we have limiting beliefs is relationships.
A. Some limiting beliefs might be:
1. Real love does not exist.
2. I am not loveable.
3. Relationships are painful and end in hurt.
4. Relationships are suppressing – I will lose my freedom.
5. I cannot be myself in a relationship.
6. The other will leave me and I will feel hurt and abandoned.
7. Relationships are always conflict-ridden.
8. Many others ......................

If we have such beliefs, then obviously we will sabotage any effort to manifest a relationship. People with such beliefs often create relationships that cannot really happen, such as with persons already married or living in another city or people who are obviously not willing to commit. In this way they create the illusion of a relationship without the dangers of a real one.

B. Some alternative positive beliefs might be:
1. We are all capable of love.
2. I deserve to be loved and respected as I am.
3. Relationships are a magnificent growth opportunity.
4. I am able to lovingly create my boundaries in relationships.
5. I am able to be happy in and out of relationships.
6. I create relationships out of love, not out dependency.
7. If the other leaves, I will be fine.
8. Relationships are an opportunity to overcome our egos and love others as they are.

C. Co-dependency or Co-commitment?

The key here is to create relationships of co-commitment rather than co-dependency. Love never creates pain. Attachment and dependency are the causes of pain. We do not suffer because we love someone, but rather because we lose them or do not get what we want from the other. When we enter into relationships and choose to love without dependency or fear, we will create the type of loving relationship we are really seeking.

3. Another area in which we might have limiting beliefs is in relation to health and well-being.
A. Some limiting beliefs might be:
1. I do not deserve health (because I caused others to not be well... because my parents were not well).
2. I am weak and vulnerable to illness.
3. I will be dependent on others if I become ill.
4. I am not a good person and I will be punished with illness and death.
5. As we age, we naturally become weak, frail and ill.
6. I am in danger from bacteria, the cold, drafts, the sun, heat, insects, dust, pollen, mold etc.
7. It is natural to become ill as we become older.

Such beliefs will naturally undermine our health and vitality regardless of how much we focus on being healthy or do all the right things (health food, exercise etc. ) to be healthy. We need to believe that we deserve to be, and can be, happy until we leave this physical body.

B. Some alternative positive beliefs might be:
1. I deserve perfect health until the day I leave this body.
2. My body has an extremely powerful defense system that protects me from all forms of microbes, inflammations and cancerous cells.
3. The cells in my body are replenishing daily. No cells in my body are older than seven years old. I have a new and healthy body regardless of the number of years my body has existed on this physical plane.
4. I am a good and pure person and deserve health and well-being.
5. I am an all-powerful spirit and can create the body I choose to have at any age.

It is essential to discover and free ourselves from any beliefs that may be limiting our creative process.

We deserve and can have all that we are guided from within to manifest. Anything that is essential to our happiness and/or our life purpose is readily available for us to learn to create. We live in a universe of unlimited love. We are born to manifest happiness, abundance and whatever we need to fulfill our life purpose. There is no reason for the Divine or the universe to deny us something that is essential for our happiness or life purpose. If we are not attracting it, the reason can only be in our own limiting beliefs and/or our own soul choices. (We will discuss “soul choices” later on in the book)

Exercise no. 5 - Make a list of all the limiting beliefs you have heard from others, or actually believe, concerning abundance, relationships, health and especially those that concern the specific goals you would like to manifest at the present time. In relationship to each belief ask yourself:
1. Do I consciously believe that is true?
2. Can I be totally sure that it is true?
3. What would I, and my life, be like if I didn’t believe that?
4. What are some alternative positive beliefs about that?

From the forthcoming book 25 ways to manifest your Ideal life by Robert Elias Najemy.

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