Numerous situations occur before separation. The situation can be more hilarious if the relationship existed for long. Even guys find it as difficult as girls to move on. No matter how broken hearted you may actually be, never let her see you completely down. Now granted it is alright that she knows that you are hurt over the incident, but again women want someone that is strong. If she knows that you are so weak from your heart, she will never like your melted heart. Being a girl she expects you to have men with strong heart.

Let her believe that you are making it just fine without her and are moving on to other love. Now some might say that this process is like playing a game with her and in a lot of ways it is. Love is sometimes very tricky and it never hurts to keep your partner on their toes with changing emotions.

If you really love her and want her at any cost, you need to follow few steps:

• Avoiding Communication. It's like winding up your relation. You really need to make sure that you do not put down the call every time you get from your girlfriend. Do this few many times, allow her to send you text and ensures that she really bothers about you. Avoid frequent calling or sending texts, results in smooth communication.

• Set your Priorities. It is very necessary to behave in proper sense even though your love is not with you. Set your priorities to get you girlfriend back. Spending excess of time with friends and completely ignoring your girlfriend may lead to a situation, from where you find it impossible to get your love back. Set your benchmarks with positive behavior to have her again in your life.

• Energize yourself. To retain the best possible energy within you, start working on all such complaints which your girlfriend usually makes. Put your motivation level to the bar. Try connecting your old mates and spend healthy time.

• Open to Social Environment. Do not compel yourself to stay away from social circle. Maintain healthy touch with your social friends and drive your mind towards positive thoughts. Ascertaining your mind towards social growth can really makes you feel much more comfortable and whenever you communicate with your girlfriend will boost up your confidence which every girl look for.

• Do not make Promises. Guys often make such big mistakes which in future cause them very big. Never ever make any promise that you have changed or certain things will not happen again from my side. Be the same who you are, most of the women start taking you more seriously and love you more than before because they tend to like men's who actually used to be.

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