Those who think that it is not possible to get girlfriend back after a breakup are grossly mistaken. In fact, there are two parts of it and the first part, getting back the girl friend is easier in comparison to the second part which is retaining the girl friend after getting her back.

How to Get Girlfriend Back

The process is quite simple. It is just understanding the inherent women psyche and getting to push the emotional hot button she has. Such triggers are woman specific and their emotional buttons are completely different from their male counterparts. Problem resolution involves getting girlfriend back and retaining her loyalty after that.

Some Important Factors

In getting the girlfriend back, some of the important factors are that –

• All women behave in the same predictable manner.

• Therefore, the situation of the person who has lost his girlfriend is not all that hopeless.

• Best part of it is that it is also not very hard knowing which one is the actual hot button for the girl friend one had.

Important Points to Note

Most important points to note is that –

• What woman says and what they have in mind are two completely different things.

• Their motivations and responses are much more basic than one could think of.

• With such basic instincts at work; no logic, argument or persuasive measures would work. On the contrary it would push her further away from the man.

• A man has to respond to the exact situation knowing how to act and what to say to succeed to get girlfriend back.

• If the man can act in the right manner, the woman will come crawling back to him.

Post Conciliation is as important as Pre Conciliation

One should not forget that post conciliation is as much important as the pre conciliation when one strives to get girlfriend back. The man should be perfectly prepared to face the aftermath of the reunion with the ex-girlfriend and must be very cautious as a little slip can doom the relationship all over again.

Hence it is necessary preparing a check list for what should be done and how to go for it just like one would do for the pre-union period to get girlfriend back.

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