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Feeling anxious and lost in lockdowns? You’re not alone! With the rising COVID-19 cases and frequent lockdowns, it’d probably be safe to say that almost all of Australia’s feeling the same! What better time to get a stress ball and squeeze out some, if not all of your frustrations?

Better yet, how about using these stress balls as promotional products to advertise your Australian business? We know all businesses could need some innovative ways of marketing their brand at the moment and what better way to do it than with something customers are likely to use very frequently in these lockdowns!

Seems interesting? Promotional stress balls can kill two birds with one stone: allowing customers an outlet to relieve their stress and promoting your brand. And not to mention, they’re highly popular too! If you stick to the data, then almost 15 million balls had been sold alone in 2014.

But! Have you ever thought about why stress balls are one of the most popular promotional giveaways?

Why are stress balls as promotional items popular worldwide and in Australia?

Stress balls are popular because they deserve to be a popular choice. However, there are more other factors for their popularity, including.

● Easy availability

Through a credible supplier in Australia, you can get almost more than thousands of customized units at reasonable costs, even on short notice. In this arena, more is always less.

● Highly inexpensive giveaway for promotion

Stress balls come in bulk. Thus, they are highly inexpensive as compared to other promotional and advertising tools. Every time a person will squeeze the promotional stress ball representing your brand, they will thank your brand, and become more receptive towards buying from you.

● Easy customizations are available

Stress balls are available in plenty of colours, shapes, and sizes in the market. Apart from the traditional spherical shape, many companies get them customized in various shapes like cookies, animal characters, etc.

For instance, if you deal in real estate and wish to attract people for the cause, you can give away house-shaped stress balls to your audience. Such colourful shapes bring more attraction to the brand you are willing to promote.

● Excellent outlet for stress

Giving your customers and employees a promotional item is something very meaningful. In the present pandemic situation, every second employee working in a cubicle is dealing with immense stress and pressure, a stress ball in their hand could take away his stress for some time. Studies have even reflected that squeezing a stress ball is therapeutic and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

● Cost-effective and budget-friendly

As these balls come in bulk, you can buy several units at a very affordable price. In case you plan to go beyond 1000 pieces at a time, you could even save more. Therefore, brand owners who think that they have no room for promotional widgets to involve in their inventory should try including stress balls in the promotional category. They won't find it hard to manage their finances.

Make the most out of giving stress balls as promotional items

Stress balls may seem small in stature, but they carry immense benefits. Apart from being one of the most popular promotional widgets, they are highly therapeutic. Thus, without any second thought, include them in your promotional tactics.

If you are confused about how to include them, here are a few quick tips.

● Get them tailored according to your brand

Customize them according to your brand or business niche. Based on what you do, you could get it shaped into something related to your industry. It could be in the shape of automotive for automotive retailers, football or tennis ball shape for sports goods retailers, etc.

● Take them to your brand meetings

Get clients' recognition and attention by taking them to your business or brand meetings. A creatively-shaped stress ball will definitely bring quick attention as compared to sending dozens of emails, sales pitches, etc.

● Distribute them at trade fairs

Another highly effective way is to distribute them in trade fairs or business conferences. Getting a freebie is something most people look forward to from these events. Giving away stress balls as freebies creates a buzz for the brand in trade fairs.

● Include them in brand promotion freebies

Brands can also include promotional balls in freebie bundles to be sent to existing customers, would-be customers, and distributors of your retail products.

So, there is no dearth of promotional aspects related to
stress balls in Australia, and your brand should consider them right now!!

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