You may always be wondering that there’s something missing in your car that must be improved! You may be sometimes worried about the controlling of your car. There are many aftermarket products available now a day which allow you to tweak the car and make its performance better. But the thing which you require here is a Lowering Spring. Lowering Springs lowers the center of gravity from the vehicle helping to make the actual drive more comfortable. Lowering your car actually (by installing Lowering Springs in it) by a great inch increases your vehicle handling, performance as well as energy consumption.

You can take the example of the best Lowering Springs which are:

AC Schnitzer Spring Kit BMW 3 Series E46 Sedan 325Xi-330Xi 99-05: it includes 2 x Spring Front Axle, 2 x Spring Rear Axle. AC Schnitzer tuning products are made in Germany and offer a perfect combination of sports handling and superb driving comfort in the hardest tests on road and track. AC Schnitzer chassis and suspension components make the vehicle easier to control in all situations.

Autoexe Lowering Springs Mazda RX8: The Autoexe aftermarket lowering springs will bring the chassis of your RX8 down about 1 inch in the front and about .8 inch in the rear which greatly improves the handling of your RX8, while at the same time improve the styling of your car by giving it a lower more defended look.

Lowering Springs are springs that comprise special sort of substance that deflects a smaller amount and is tougher as compared to stock springs. Lowering Springs allows the vehicle being more tuned creating your drive more controlled and comfortable. In short these Lowering Springs are the shock absorbers which absorb the hurdles on your way and make your ride smooth, comfortable and more pleasant. Lowering springs makes the car massive and sportier on the road and more firmly than prior to as well as operates more quickly than ever before giving optimum pace in your car.

Lowering Springs basically being shorter, bring down the body of the car and so lower the center of gravity. This lower center of gravity created by Lowering Springs makes the car more stable and its response and handling is much improved than before. Also, do keep in mind that before installing these types of aftermarket Lowering Springs, these should be only put in by a specialist technician only to avoid any damage to the other parts of the car.

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