One might not achieve the desired higher ranking on Google search pages without having planned and optimized the ‘content’ of their webpages very meticulously. Basically, you need to work on the titles of your webpages, the contents they carry, as well as the backlinks from other websites.

Often, webmasters tend to overlook the internal link structure of a website; the internal link structure plays a vital role in any website’s overall ranking.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Website’s Internal Link Structure
Links from external websites count more than the internal links. However, internal links are important aspects of generating signals in search engine algorithms. In the eyes of search engines, links are as good as votes. When you focus on optimizing your site’s link structure, you can create a clear path for the search engines to access the important pages of your site and also reveal the keywords you desire to rank high on.

What You Should Do

  • Your optimization should start from the main navigation of your website
    The navigational links that are visible on every page of your website are the major navigations on your site. The most important aspect of your website navigation is the main navigation.

    Typically, it includes a “Home” link – e.g. linked business logo image. It also includes links pointing to the major sections of your site.

    Don’t meddle with JavaScript and Flash Menus. A good number of search engines would often bypass such web pages in the course of indexing. A better way to design your website navigation is to use CSS as well as standard HTML.

    Don’t fail to incorporate your top prioritized keywords onto links in your main navigation.

  • Ensure that the initial link on the page is the correct link
    It appears that the first link on a webpage is the only one that Google considers. Look at it this way; if Webpage A links to Webpage B with “more info” as the anchor text on top of the page, and uses another anchor text ‘buy golf items’ at the bottom of the page, Google is most likely to use only the first anchor text on top of the page.

    Therefore, if you link to another page more than once, ensure that the first link on top of the page features your most important keyword – the one you desire to achieve a high rank on.

  • Breadcrumb navigation may be excellent for sub-webpages
    Breadcrumb navigation can be highly beneficial to sub-pages. Usually, sub web pages are not often linked from the main navigation of the website.

    Search engines find it easy to place your sub webpages into the appropriate context when you incorporate breadcrumb navigation links.

    You can show visitors and search engines the exact location of a webpage by using breadcrumb navigation links. Don’t forget to incorporate descriptive as well as keyword-rich phrases in your site’s breadcrumb navigation – for example: Golf bag > Golf shoes > Buy golf items.

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