Your home is your passport to getting in shape and staying fit. Imagine the benefits you'll get from exercising in half the time with the same effort. More time for yourself, a tight and tone body, weight loss, and a strong cardiovascular system. Does that sound too good to be true?

Here's why working out at home gives you the more bang for your buck.

  • Exercise at an optimal level because you can move from one piece of exercise equipment to the next without waiting
  • Exercise equipment that fits your body and interests instead of the general public
  • Designed with your fitness goals in mind and not what's popular
  • Your home gym is always open when you need to workout
  • Convenient to exercise at home rather than drive 30 minutes
  • Cleaner and healthier exercise equipment because only you or your loved ones will use the equipment
  • No membership fees or monthly dues

So what's the drawback of having your own home gym?

  • No excuse not to exercise
  • Nobody will be staring at you while you exercise, only when you're at the mall

Exercising at home develops faster results because when you can move from one piece of equipment to the next without waiting or making machine adjustments, your heart rate stays elevated, muscles keep their "pump", and you stay motivated. Is there no wonder why so many people exercise at home?

Don't waste another day. Start creating your dream home gym with a few pieces of exercise equipment and fitness accessories. At a minimum, every home gym should have an exercise mat and a stability ball. Other types of equipment that you'll want to have are resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bar, and a heart rate monitor.

Like developing a great body, a home gym takes time and patience to create. Don't try to make the perfect home gym right away. Start with fitness accessories like a stability ball to develop a strong core and a fitness mat for floor exercises. As your strength and techniques improve, add either kettlebells or resistance bands. Then add a pull-up bar with multiple grips that can also act as a push-up bar. If you can't do a pull-up or chin-up, buy a set of resistance bands designed for assisted pull-ups or you can use a chair to assist you until you get stronger.

Find what exercises and exercise equipment works for you and soon you will find the body you've been looking for.

Conveniently shop online for home exercise equipment and fitness accessories for your home gym.

Author's Bio: 

Over fifteen years of teaching martial arts, group fitness instructor in kardio kickbox, and developing and teaching exercise/fitness programs for men and women. Main focus is on functional fitness and not bodybuilding; although, you do build a nice athletic body with functional fitness training. As a true hard-gainer, my lifestyle is too active for bodybuilding to be an effective method of training. Although, I do continue to utilize techniques and some training methods from bodybuilding, they are only a small portion of my training.