If you're not living out of your comfort zone once in a while, then you're not really living. The "uncomfortable zone" is where all the success stories are written. The comfort zone feels good; the uncomfortable zone feels like sliding downhill on sandpaper naked. It's rough, raw, and gritty, but it's the only path that will get you where you want to go in life.

There are times in life when an opportunity presents itself or another one of those crazy, harebrained ideas strike you in the middle of the night. You have a choice. You can roll over and go back to sleep, or you can get out of bed and take action. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind every once in a while and take some risks.

But, have you ever thought about what you're risking? There really is no safety in nature. Any security we feel is false. If it's not coming down from heaven, then it doesn't really exist. So, if you're worried about taking a chance, then forget about it. Life is already a chance, so make it count for something. Step out of your comfort zone, take some risks, get messy, look foolish, fall flat on your face, and then get right back up. It's worth it. After a while, you'll get used to that exhilarating feeling of sliding downhill on sandpaper.

No great achievement was ever accomplished within a comfort zone. You've got to step out and make things happen. Stop and look around you once in a while. Everyone--everyone-seems to just go with the flow. They breath shallow breaths; they take shallow steps; they live shallow lives.

Aren't you ready for more?

This life is your one shot. That's it! Each day is a new opportunity to step into your uncomfortable zone and grow. If you're a bit "uncomfortable" with the idea, then try some of these steps to begin living with passion and gusto:

* Wear an outrageous hat.
* Stop a perfect stranger and tell her she's beautiful.
* Ask a cashier what his favorite candy is and then buy him some.
* Paint a heart on your cheek with lipstick.
* When it rains, go outside and dance in it.
* Next time you go for a walk, skip down the street.
* Wear a huge flower in your hair.
* Sing at the top of your lungs.
* Play dress up--gown, jewelry, and all, and go to a fast food joint.
* Draw on your jeans with permanent marker.
* Write "I married a hottie" with shoe polish on the back of your husband's car.
* Next time you leave a message, sing it instead.

Have these given you some good ideas on how to step in to your "uncomfortable zone?" I hope so!

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Hannah Keeley is an author, blogger, television personality, founder of the website www.hannahkeeley.com, and mother of seven. Find out the fail-proof way for a mom to improve her life in 5 minutes at www.5minutemom.com.