John Gray helps men and women understand, respect and appreciate their differences in both personal and professional relationships. John’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages. His groundbreaking book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, was the best-selling book of the 1990s. It launched his Mars Venus book series that forever changed the way men and women view their relationships.

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1. "When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom."

2. "A women under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood."

3. "The process of learning requires not only hearing and applying but also forgetting and then remembering again."

4. "Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed. Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished."

5. "To offer a man unsolicited advice is to presume that he doesn't know what to do or that he can't do it on his own."

6. "Just as women are afraid of receiving, men are afraid of giving."

7. "All men and women have an equal need for love. When these needs are not fulfilled it is easy to have our feelings hurt, for which we blame our partner."

8. "Generally speaking, when a woman offers unsolicited advice or tries to help a man, she has no idea of how critical and unloving he may sound to him."

9. "The secret of forming a successful relationship is for both partners to win."

10. "The more she is able to express herself, the more she feels heard and understood, and the more she is able to give a man the loving trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement that he needs."

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Author's Bio: 

John Gray, Ph.D. is a best-selling relationship author and expert. In his book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, he provides a useful and proven way for men and women to communicate better by acknowledging the differences between them. The book has been transformed into a musical comedy revue and was made into a daytime TV talk show. This and Dr. Gray’s other books have sold more than 40 million copies in 43 different languages throughout the world

For over 30 years, Dr. Gray has conducted public and private seminars for thousands of people. In his books, audiotapes, and videotapes, as well as in his seminars, he inspires audiences with his practical insights and easy-to-use communication techniques that can be immediately applied to enhance relationships.

Dr. Gray is a certified family therapist, consulting editor of The Family Journal, a member of the Distinguished Advisory Board of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and a member of the American Counseling Association. His nationally syndicated column reaches 30 million readers in a variety of newspapers.

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