A grocery coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or special offers when purchasing a product. Out of a person’s expenses every month, groceries are always up there. Grocery coupons are parts of sales promotions.They are distributed through mail, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, directly from the retailer and cell phone messages. Coupons can also be printed from internet or cut out from newspaper advertisements.

Grocery coupons are intended for people who are willing to save money when purchasing groceries. There lies the question of how much money one can save using coupons. Frugal families save money by cooking at home rather than eating out, but the costs still add up. However, groceries are one of the places where serious savings can be found, especially when buying store rather than name brand and using coupons. There are some of the best ones to help you find those key discounts at major grocery chains, without a whole lot of hassle. Grocery coupons are also used to lure people towards buying a new product which normally don’t have as many buyers. There are various kinds of service or offers one can redeem from a grocery coupon like, promo codes and discounts to save on thousands of brands, get a free promotional product, save at pharmacy, cash back shopping, get a holiday deal or a free chance to eat in a costly restaurant, etc.

Coupon system are also selectively launched by some super markets who find themselves in price competitions with others, thus to draw more customers. Some of the tips to help us reduce our grocery spending by using coupons are: get incredible deals from double or triple coupons, Often grocers have their own coupons combined with coupons from the manufacturer, subscribe to Coupon Resources, coupon clubs, and newspaper subscriptions. But if one really wants to save money on groceries and get many items almost for free, one needs to understand how to combine the coupons with sales items. When the large companies start pushing certain product, it is usually done in two waves. Initially they put out coupons to start bumping up sales. Later on in the promotion campaign, any time between weeks later, they will move onto sale prices. People who bought the product with coupons and liked it would probably buy it again on their next month's sale. Must follow smart coupon strategy to hang on to the coupons and be patient.

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