If you are a Sarasota resident and in need of medical marijuana card Sarasota for your severe ailment then have a look at this comprehensive guide by MyfloridaGreen.

The process for applying was started as soon as marijuana was legalized in 2016 after amendment 2 was passed. If you are above 18 years old, have qualifying conditions (AIDS, cancer, PTSD, etc.) and a valid Sarasota resident having a verification document of your residency then follow the simple process.

The first step to your medical marijuana card Sarasota is to get your medical condition assessed by a certified cannabis doctor. Remember to take your documents along while visiting the doctor.
The doctor will register you in a compassionate care registry by adding your details.
You can submit the application once you are registered by the doctor in the state registry.
Once you get your card just go to any nearby dispensary to purchase your products by medical marijuana card Sarasota. However, remember that buying from a local vendor is strictly prohibited.
Cost of medical marijuana card Sarasota:
While applying for your card you need to pay two fees.

The fee to meet the licensed marijuana doctor( Cost depends on location)
The registration fee to state which is $75. You have to renew your card annually by paying 75$ registration fee again. Renew your card forty-five days prior to its expiry to legally use medical marijuana without any interruption.

How marijuana will help me?
Out of thousands of cannabis plants products, TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(cannabidiol) are most famous due to their healing and therapeutic properties.

Chemicals produced by our body to affect pain and inflammation are the same as chemicals produced by marijuana. Marijuana works with our natural system chemicals to make our systems work better and efficiently.

Cannabinoids can:
Relive pain

Kill cancer cell growth

Reduce anxiety

Control muscle spam

Improve weight gain.

The main difference between TCH and CBD is that TCH has a psychoactive effect whereas CBD won’t make you high.

Products of medical marijuana:
TCH oil
Vape cartridges
CBD oil
Oral syringes
If you are looking for medical marijuana card Merritt Island then you have landed at the right place. MyfloridaGreen is one of the most experienced and established companies with a network of best doctors. Meet our doctor Dr. Gerald E. Grubbs to get your ailment assessed and your recommendation in your hand.

Can marijuana kill me?
Marijuana is much safe than any other pharmaceutical drug due to its natural healing property. It doesn't have worse effects on the body. There are more than 15 dangerous drugs in the US which are legal at state as well as the federal level. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level. Take the example of Opioids is a pain killer, that kills almost ten people every year and still, it's legal. A study by U-M institute for social research found that more than 44% of marijuana users stopped taking pharmaceutical drugs after understanding cannabis benefits. It is proven by many pieces of research that marijuana is even safer than many foods we consume. Marijuana is a miracle drug that has improved the health of many.

If you still have any doubts then contact MyFloridaGreen or benefit from our online free resources. Marijuana is your first step towards self-care and self-love.



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If you still have any doubts then contact MyFloridaGreen or benefit from our online free resources. Marijuana is your first step towards self-care and self-love.