There is a big overlooked way that will help you really expand not just your meditation and guided meditation strategy but your personal and spiritual growth.

The Western self-identity in personal growth and spirituality is generally known as mind, body and soul. Realistically however, your waking consciousness is not just mental, physical or spiritual, in practical experience it is also emotional and sexual.

You may not have yet known that you can actually meditate on the sexual and emotional levels as well as the spiritual. Yes you can be in those states of consciousness outside of your egoic mind. When you're having a great ROFL, that is emotional consciousness (or 'Heart' consciousness). The heart offers MANY ways in which to get into egolessness faster than only fighting your monkey mind trying to do zen meditation.

If or when you can expand your definition of self to mind, body, heart, sexiness and soul, you are then opened to healing and higher consciousness directly on each of those areas of self. Being able to differentiate emotional or heart-based consciousness from mind or mental thought-based consciousness is a big differentiation point.

Since a lot of Western personal growth has been focused on the mind and thinking, a lot of work like affirmations may have seemed very ineffective because you also have that heart or emotional consciousness. Thoughts and feelings are not actually the same thing. You can have a thought of happiness and think about it which is different than the emotional experience and feelings of bliss and happiness.

So when it comes to audio meditation and a personal growth strategy, when you can accept a greater definition of self you will be able to engage different areas of your consciousness to have healing in those specific areas. By appreciating mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual consciousness as unique and different conscious energies, you can start affecting them in different ways for what they are to really start experiencing transformation that wasn't before possible.

With preference for valuation and identification of self being mind or soul, it creates more resistance for simple yet effective emotional or sexual healing because those are different areas of self. And it gives you far greater leverage to more easily get into meditative or egoless states of consciousness (subjective experience).

With the greater holistic definition of self, all of your personal growth and spirituality now has the potential to heal yourself and transform on the mind, body, heart, sexiness and soul levels. Adding heart and sexiness to the equation of self filled a LOT of gaps in for me that I felt were missing in both Western and Eastern methodology.

It will be up to you to accept this expanded definition of self–consciousness because at the time of this writing the professional, educated West is not there yet and you have probably also felt that there have been gaps that have been missing in personal growth and spirituality. In accepting your full, greater consciousness, I think you'll find those gaps to finally start being bridged and answers will reveal themselves.

A lot of guided meditations are ineffective because they do not simply know how to affect, connect and engage each of your holistic energies where your actual blocks and resistance occur experientially. Fortunately there is a new brand of hypnosis and guided meditation called 'Powerliminals' which will help you to not only meditate deeper, but more specifically heal and transform in all different areas of self.

They know how to connect and engage each of your holistic conscious energies see you can finally get the benefits, freedom and transformation that you've been trying to get all of these years. So expand your definition of self to include your greater consciousness and you'll really be able to meditate more powerfully across the board (including using the assistance of guided audio meditation).

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Rion Freeberg brings entirely new insight into personal growth, healing, consciousness and spirituality through the advent of the sexual polarity and entertainment forms of meditation. Discover more about how to access higher and healing consciousness with audio meditation at