What does it take to keep persistent with your goals in life? Motivation and Inspiration.

A number of years ago I had a friend who was making a lot of money with a network marketing business. She and her husband built their business to one of the highest income levels in the company. Then they divorced and stopped working the business for a few years.

My friend then rebuilt the business again by herself to the former level she had previously achieved. One day I asked her how she kept herself motivated and she took me into her office. There was a big bookcase filled with books and audio tapes of most of the motivational speakers and success coaches I had heard about.

She said, "I get my motivation from the successful talks and writings of others. I go to as many seminars I can afford and I buy lots of recordings that I listen to all the time. I also write down some of the best lines that really inspire me."

This was a person who took action to make things happen and knew that she couldn't do it alone. She had some of the best help available - the words of other successful people.

• Why is self-motivation so important?
• What do you do to inspire yourself?
• How much time do you spend doing it each day?
• How do you SUPER-CHARGE inspiring thoughts?
• Are you taking advantage of others' success?

Most people are so busy trying to make money that they don't take the time to inspire and motivate themselves. And then they end up burned out and wondering what went wrong.

It doesn't have to be that way for you.

Here are 5 tips for motivating and inspiring yourself.

Tip #1: No matter how many action steps you take, you are always thinking.

What you are thinking about will determine whether or not your actions attract your desires because the subconscious BELIEVES your thoughts. That's why is it helpful to spend some time each day directing your thinking by going over some kind of material that INSPIRES and MOTIVATES you. Reading or listening to the wisdom and inspiration of others will accomplish this.

Tip #2: Your time is your most valuable commodity.

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business of your business but if you can take just a few minutes every day to reinforce positive thinking, it will pay off exponentially.

Maybe you don't have time to read books or listen to tapes every day. Another way to get inspired quickly is with flash cards sets. Cards are a time-saving format to keep uplifting ideas in front of you in a quick and easy way. You can just look at one card a day with an inspiring quote and it will set the day's tone.

Or find some authors whose books uplift you and copy quotes that you especially like onto notes or cards. Then post these quotes like post-it notes around your work area. That way you will always have something nearby to inspire and uplift you. You can also post pictures of nature that you love and are inspired by...whatever works for you.

Tip #3: When you combine a meaningful thought with an emotional response, you SUPERCHARGE those ideas.

Many studies have been done which show that if you have a strong emotion when you say an affirmation, visualize an image, or read a meaningful quotation, they will have a much deeper effect on your subconscious mind.

Looking at a beautiful image is one way to fire up the emotions because we all respond emotionally to beauty of any kind. Even a beautiful scene in nature evokes strong positive emotions.

When you combine a beautiful scene in nature with an inspiring quote, the positive emotions you feel give more POWER to the words you are reading.

Tip #4: No man is an island. Let those who have gone before you help you on your journey.

There are so many successful millionaires who have written books about their success, what they did, and how they did it. Having their inspiration in front of you all day long can speed up the process of your journey to success.

That's actually how many people became successful. They relied on others' success for their motivation. It can be summed up in the familiar phrase, "If I can do it, so can you!"

Tip #5: The best way to keep yourself on track is to become accountable.

Being accountable to someone, like a colleague, coach, or Mastermind group also feeds the motivation and inspiration that you sometimes need to complete a project. When no one is there urging you on, a project could easily fall by the wayside. But with someone holding you accountable, you make a commitment and more gets done.

When you learn how to motivate and inspire yourself, you quicken the pace of your journey to success and make it more exciting and enjoyable. Finding someone to hold you accountable will also keep you motivated to stay focused and balanced.

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