Get Out of Your Head talks about surrendering oneself to the Almighty to experience eternal bliss. The author Jeanie Allen believes that every human present on this earth can attain salvation if they fully surrender themselves to the higher power. If you are someone who is looking to break free from all pessimistic thoughts inside your mind, then you can do so by reading book summaries and audiobook summaries available on various book summaries websites. 

You must have noticed that everyone is self-critical these days. Due to the unnecessary overthinking and analysis of every little thing, we become too hard on ourselves which is detrimental to our mental health. The author states that it is completely normal to have these thoughts. The ultimate challenge is to break free from it and prevent it from consuming our minds. The situation aggravates when one such thought turns into a pool of such thoughts.

Sitting patiently and silently with one’s thoughts sorts out the brain

The author Jeanie Allen gives a personal example in the very beginning to make the understanding clear. She normalises having negative thoughts in the book Get Out of Your Head. She says it may appear on the outside that she has it all and everything in her life is figured out, but the reality is plenty different. The actual truth is that she, like any other human being, dealt with a lot of negative thoughts herself. The power of silence and paying attention to her thoughts brought her out of that deep hole. She mentions that it is super easy to get distracted due to the involvement of various social media platforms or excess work, but getting out of it and focusing on one's inner energy is of immense importance. Hence, she places a lot of emphasis on simply sitting down quietly and hearing your thoughts each day.

The author explains why a person avoids sitting quietly. It is because he/ she is scared of being alone with their thoughts. They are super scared to admit that they are wrong. Therefore, you must have noticed that people always listen to songs while walking or running. While the author urges the readers to take time off to unwind. Sitting quietly and hearing one's thoughts helps to de-stress and eliminates all distractions.

Surround yourself with loved ones to break the influence of negative thoughts

Next theme that the author focuses on in the book Get Out Your Head is spending quality time with family and your loved ones. After sitting in peace and listening to one’s thoughts, the author advises spending some quality time with loved ones. Being close to the people you love ensures that you are being heard and loved right. Love and support of your dear ones acts as an instant mood enhancer and therefore a great remedy to eliminate negative and bad thoughts.

The author understands that it is not easy to reveal your true selves or confide in others. But being open to new experiences without any inhibitions gives us the right amount of strength we need. Therefore, don't hold back from really telling your friends what you prefer because sometimes just saying things out loud is all you need to clear your thoughts.

Jotting your negative thoughts can work as a wonder in your self-help journey

If being vulnerable in front of a friend or a loved one is not your cup of tea, then simply not down the thoughts that are hurting and worrying you. Writing it down will help you think better and clear about its possible solution. Jotting them down ensures that you are believing in the higher power to defeat them and replace them with positive and healthy thoughts.

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Practice gratitude and remain grounded in every situation 

Gratitude is one such practice that will eliminate negative thoughts no matter what. It makes us feel good about ourselves and gives a reason to have a positive perception about life. Practising gratitude helps us believe that God is the highest entity and whatever he does is due to an underlying plan which will turn out to be favourable for us in the long run.

Serving others helps us feel better about ourselves 

Debuting our time to genuinely help others makes us feel better about ourselves and minimises stress. If you are someone who wants to know about this topic, then you can read book summaries and audiobook summaries available on various book summaries websites. 

In Get Out of Your Head, the author places strong emphasis on helping others to make their life simple and worth living. When we work towards uplifting others, miracles are bound to happen. Consider it as God’s rule and work towards giving more than what you receive.

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