Here's the Truth about whatever you may be going through: Being a unique expression of Spirit, you already contain all the infinite powers and qualities of Spirit. These powers are already present in their fullness right where you are right now.


As we moved gradually into physical expression throughout our soul's history, we used the power of our creative and self-reflective consciousness to progressively identify with denser and heavier ideas, creating our own progressively denser and heavier sense of separation & fear.

We used our powers of judgment, belief, and our ability to use creativity like our Source to progressively identify ourselves with limitation, problems, fear, worry, separation -- basically, the polar opposite qualities of Spirit.

And we bonded ourselves to these limiting ideas, and eventually began to identify with them. We believed we were limited & lacking, that holding onto hatred and anger would get back at the people whom we thought hurt us, that the manifest world was in fact Source Itself.

We forgot Source; we forgot our Oneness with Spirit.

We took all our self-imposed limitations very seriously, taking them to be the ultimate truth about us.

And so our physical world become filled with manifestations that reflected the limiting ideas we had about ourselves.

Enter dis-ease, lack, limitation.

Having these sorts of experiences, and coming back into a realization of Spirit as the Truth about us, is ultimately the major purpose of each of our lives.

The Ultimate Truth about you is that you are already whole and complete as you were created -- and yet our work in clearing your subconscious, akashic records, and past lives (these are really all synonyms) is to work with your Higher Intelligence to continually clear and resolve all the root causes of limited physical manifestation that you have accidentally created.

Dis-ease and lack are never happening "to you". They are always merely by-products of past limiting ideas we held about ourselves and our place in the Universe.

Dis-ease, lack and limitation, challenges and problems, relationship conflict, money issues -- these are never happening "to you", and they are also not punishments. Whatever you are manifesting -- or not manifesting -- the product of your own consciousness, based on what has or has not been resolved in this or in past lives.

These limiting ideas are what are known as your "karma", and they currently represent the themes your soul is joyously working on resolving right now (even if your path doesn't feel particularly pleasant or joyous right now).

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I am a spiritual clearing facilitator who works with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to identify, clear, and resolve your limiting subconscious programming (also known as your karma, or your akashic records), so that you can raise your consciousness & experience more authentic states of joy, healing, prosperity, optimism, and freedom to create the life you want. Please visit me at