Yes you can do this - if you have spare time and can do with more money, a lot more money coming in. The beauty of it is that you are working online from wherever suits you, so you can work from home if you prefer. This saves you travelling and travelling expenses, plus the expense of having an office.

You do not need a cv, nor any work history, what matters is that you have the abilities we need. We are short staffed and urgently need people who fit the bill.

The skills you need are common sense, the ability to be non judgmental, caring, honest, empathic, worldy wise with a good understanding and experience of relationships, people and psychology... reliable, good with words.

If this sounds like you read on please.

All of your work would be done on a computer where you receive emails which we pass on to you from clients, you then do an email reply to them. Simple. You may be able to do one in just a few minutes. It depends on how smart and alert you are!

You can be male or female.
You can be young or old.
You can be rich or poor.
You can be someone with an excellent education or no education at all.
You can live in any country.

This could totally change and improve your life!

As well as the lives of the clients you may well end up helping.

If you would like to know more and / or wish to apply for this chance of a lifetime

write to us at

putting Earn £60 per hour as an agony aunt advice columnist.

We also require psychic clairvoyants who can advise clients!

We are very busy, it helps us to know why you are approaching us straight away.

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Beth Shepherd psychic and agony aunt