If you’re exploring the paid speaker’s market, here are ten ways to get established as a professional speaker and attract a bureau’s interest.
1. Clarify your message. What is your core message? What do you really stand for? It’s not about you, after all; it’s all about the value you bring. Finding the right way to convey your value will be the foundation for your success.

2. Turn your bio into a sales piece full of benefits not features, i.e., “Dynamic speaker, Bradley Smith, engages audiences with his powerful message of ......” or “Professional speaker Anne Martin has a compelling message for leading organizations that want higher employee engagement.”

3. Get out there with a high level of enthusiasm whether the speech is paid or unpaid. You need to gain momentum by speaking to associations, to church groups, to community groups if you’re just starting. Provide massive value.

4. Become known as an expert by contributing articles to magazines or ezines that your ideal client reads or contribute to appropriate online feeds and groups as you begin to build both credibility, influence and visibility. Develop a powerful social media campaign. Pay special attention to Linked In which is where you’ll find most meeting planners and conference organizers. Build your contacts on Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Join the discussion in online groups where you’ll find your ideal audience.

5. Create brilliant marketing materials that support your fee. As a high paid speaker, you’ll need highly professional polished well-designed material including a promo page with your bio, your photo, your three speeches and descriptions, a client list and testimonials. All of your marketing materials need to have compelling language and be well-designed. Review your material from a conference organizer’s perspective – would YOU hire you?

6. Turn your testimonials into success stories, for example, “When XXY company wanted to get their staff onboard with their message and mission of safety at work, they brought in Anne Martin to energize and inspire their employees”.

7. Put your two to three minute video on your homepage as well as posting it on social media.

8. Ensure that your website reiterates your value to audiences as you continue to update it, gradually adding client testimonials (including video testimonials) and an expanded client list as you grow. You may be a beginner but no one needs to know that but you.

9. Clearly identify your target market. Build your expertise in your particular field and connect with others in that industry online. Find out when they have their annual meeting and put your name forward. Continue to reach out to industry leaders online.

10. Most importantly, just get yourself out there. It all starts with holding an unwavering belief in yourself. That will be essential to your long-term success.
Any questions? Email me at cathleen@speakersgold.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Cathleen Fillmore

Author's Bio: 

Cathleen Fillmore is a bureau owner and a well-known marketing consultant to speakers who want to make more money doing what they love. She has written six books, most recently Totally Booked: Fill your Schedule with High-End Speaking Engagements available on Amazon.