When you consider the fact that children makes up the family, it becomes important to conceive them. The question is, are there ways to get pregnant naturally? Before I give the answer I believe to be true, look at this explanation. Getting pregnant cannot be forced or controlled. We just have to wait for mother nature to decide when. To your question, my answer is absolute YES. There are certain methods that would increase your chance of getting pregnant naturally.

When someone decides to have children later in life, they may struggle to conceive because, statistically, as you get older the chances of a couple being able to have a child decreases. That is why couples should decide to have a baby as early as possible and preferably before the age of 36 which is the threshold whereby chances of conceiving is dramatically reduced. A major aspect of planning to get pregnant naturally revolves around knowing the points of ovulation in a woman's cycle. We all know that every woman has a "window of fertility" each month, whereby she releases an egg that needs to be fertilized. If a woman's ovulates every 28 days, that is approximately 2 weeks before the date she starts. This is certainly a 14 days ovulation period from the last period. This period is a great opportunity to conceive a baby if the proper steps are taken.

Ideally, when a woman has intercourse during her ovulation period, the chances of getting pregnant is widely increased. The woman has twelve opportunities to get pregnant naturally in 12 months. This is because, this ovulation usually happens each month. Like in the case above, since the sperm can survive in the body for couple of days, giving that the ovulation date is 14 then, she should try and conceive in days 12, 14 and 16 respectively. This is a total mapping for the given period when the ovulation takes place and the sperm gets to meet the egg.

During this ovulation period, couples need to consider their diet. A folic acid supplement can go a long way in helping the woman conceive and the foetus to develop ultimately. Sticking with proper diet is vital during this period and there are certain foods to avoid like caffeine (either in supplements or drinks) and alcohol of any kind. The effect of these unhealthy diet can hinder balance and stop the possible conception of a baby. Doing away with these items especially during this period is a natural way to achieve success when you are trying to conceive a baby.

Sticking with organic food is recommended during this period of trying to conceive. Make sure items in your diet like the meat, dairy and eggs are all organic. Chemicals in the food products can utterly stop you from getting pregnant naturally.

Finally, for those who smoke, it's important that you give it a break in order to conceive properly. Smokes inhaled directly into the lungs and the entire body can adulterate the sperm and egg. They may not fertilize afterward or when they do, they are cut off within a short time.

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