Spray tanning is an excellent alternative option to traditional tanning methods that can damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer by exposing you to harmful radiation. Spray tanning has advanced leaps and bounds. Now you can acquire the same golden look with no need of all the risks, so you can fabulous in whatever you are wearing. When taking advantage of sunless tanning, it is very important be properly well prepared for your appointment. Good preliminary prep work can certainly help ensure that you get the best tan possible that lasts longer so that you get the most for your money. Keep the following details in mind so that you can reap the benefits of a longer, better spray tan.

Take care of all of your shaving needs prior to your appointment day. When you shave, you could end up with a few nicks. These nicks, when on the receiving end of tanning solution, can be unpleasant and cause an uneven tan, which means you should not shave your under arms and legs too close to the time of your appointment. Taking care of any shaving needs at least two days ahead generally gives small cuts enough time to heal before you apply tanning spray. If you opt not to shave ahead of the appointment, you may want to wait a few days after the tan is applied. You don't want to shave within the 24-hour period after your spray tan, as it will also shave off some of the tan so that it looks spotty and shortens your tan time. For this reason it's usually best to shave ahead of the appointment.

Approximately one day before your spray tan appointment, exfoliate your entire body. When tanning solution is applied, it can occasionally have a tendency to pool in crevices and creases. Proper exfoliation will help reduce this phenomenon and allow you to achieve a more even tan, especially in problems areas that tend to be rougher and craggy, like your elbows or your knees. You need to use a nylon bath scrubby or a loofah sponge to give extra care to the spots that need it most. When you see the smooth tan that results, you will know it was worthwhile.

On the day of your appointment, make sure that your skin is clean and clear of any other substances. Creams, perfumes and cosmetics all have their own chemical compositions, as does tanning solution. Anything you put on your skin can inhibit the spray tan from sticking to your skin which will cause a shorter tan, and can react with the tanning spray and cause your skin to turn abnormal colors. If you cannot get out of wearing these products the day of the appointment, take a quick shower to wash them off immediately prior to the appointment.

Because some of the tan will rub off on the day of the appointment, wear clothes to the session and for the remainder of the day that will make less of an impact. Wear loose clothing, as tighter clothing can rub off the tanning solution the first day. Select clothing that is dark, as lighter colors will undoubtedly be affected by any tanning spray that rubs off. Color transfer typically doesn't last longer than a day, so after the first day you should be able to go back to your typical routine.

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