“Hello Dear Ones and thank you in advance for reading these blogs and the daily posts we give through our sometimes unwilling scribe who is just as human as you and as we all once were.

“You have come through many unsettling times recently all due to the influx of energies. How can you prepare yourselves better? Just expect them and they will not cause you emotional or physical distress. If you know what is going to occur and you speak to your heart-brain connection and to all of your cells, they will understand and the impact will not be severe, but welcomed instead. Your physical forms need to be made aware of everything that is occurring. That way, they will not be upset and your bodies will function normally during these times of energetic stressors entering into your bodies, your planet and all of the systems thereon and therein.

“March 8-9 is a Total Solar Eclipse which can be viewed from the Southern Hemisphere but all you have to know is that the days before and the days after are also involved with energetic shifts. You don’t even need to know the time of said eclipse. Just the knowing of its occurrence is important for your preparation. Know also that this is another Super Moon which means it is closer to Earth and therefore more potent to all of the planet.

“The Vernal Equinox or Spring Solstice is March 20th followed by a Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd. The above applies here too, so prepare yourselves and your bodies and heart-brain connections by reading this and reminding them of the impending energies. This will be a rip-roaring month, we tell you now. Of course, expect and prepare for weather anomalies. It is always best to do so.

“To return to the first paragraph for clarification, how do you talk to your bodies? Know that each of your cells have brains of their own (the membranes = the mem-brains) and all connect to your hard drive, the brain in your head, which is governed by your Heart Love Place – that special place behind your physical heart which is the place you can create and go to for solitude and solace. You speak to your bodies just as you speak to another person. Be Gentle and Loving at all times and give your bodies the sustenance they needs to withstand these impending energies. Do all with forethought. Ask your bodies what they want to ingest and keep them active and happy and so you too, will be active and happy.

“Be strong and full of LOVE from this moment forth. Know in your heart of hearts, YOU ARE LOVED in return. You are co-creators of The New Earth. Keep your Chakras spinning clock-wise and remember there are Chakras all around you and even under your feet, as well as more Chakras then you can count between you and All Energy! IT IS SO.”

Author's Bio: 

I was born November 12, 1940 with many Psychic abilities and extreme sensitivities to people, animals and surroundings exhibiting themselves at an early age. Coming from a unique family, I was allowed a semi-free hand with my life, but it was strongly suggested I go into Elementary Education so I could earn money while pursuing my goals which also included Theatre Arts, Opera and Musical Theatre. I finally did as I was told and graduated with the proper credentials in Education and began teaching first in Central Harlem in New York City and then in East Harlem where I earned another license in music education. for more information : www.jeangersongreer.com