The process of end of lease cleaning certainly differs a lot from that of the regular cleaning procedure. It is indeed a deep and extensive cleaning process where the cleaners focus on every corner of your property with equal importance. Moreover, in some cases, it is about getting the bond money back in full amount. So, there is no question of compromise on the cleaning.

Some of your friends might suggest you to go for DIY cleaning, but that is never a good idea. You don't have the tools; you don't know which cleaning agents will prove to be appropriate for cleaning different areas of your house and most importantly, you don't have the experience.

So, calling up the experienced professionals of commercial cleaning services in Canberra should be the first step you need to take. And, once you are done with that, follow these simple steps to prepare your property for the cleaners.

Step 1: Get Rid of all the Junks

De-cluttering different parts of the house are the first step to take. Get rid of all the junks that have just piled up in your home for quite a long time now. Before the cleaning experts enter your home, make sure, you collect all the excess junks and store those aside.

Step 2: Remove the Furniture

For deep cleaning, you need to give the cleaners adequate space to move around with their cleaning equipment - the vacuum cleaner and the giant steam carpet cleaner, especially. If you are about to move house after the removal process is over, it will be a wise decision on your part to remove the big furniture and keep the area as clean and open as possible.

Step 3: Inspect for Spots

You can entirely rely on the professionals for the extensive cleaning, but you can do many things on your part too. Also, one of those things is, of course, identifying the tough spotted areas in your house. Does the coffee stain on your carpet from the last summer party has not vanished yet?

Or, what about the hot caramel sauce you have accidentally spilled on the gas oven? Make a list of such stains and spots to hand it over to the cleaners so that they can put special attention.

Step 4: Make Sure the Water Supply and Power Lines are Perfect

Water and electricity are the two things that the professionals of the end of lease cleaning in Canberra will need the most. So, even if you are leaving the house within a few days, make sure you talk to your landlord or the property owners about your cleaning schedules in advance. They will make sure that the power lines are intact until the cleaning process is over.

Step 5: Make Arrangements for your Kids and Pets

If you have kids or pets in your house, you are required to make special arrangements for them before the cleaners arrive. It will take the entire day possibly to finish up the cleaning and deodorising procedure. So, ensure that they are in a different place while they are in your friend’s house.

Are you prepping up for shifting your house? Make sure you choose the right cleaning expert and prepare well for them to give an extensive cleaning.

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The author is associated with commercial cleaning services in Canberraand has successfully handled quite a fewend of lease cleaning in Canberra.