During this post covid era telehealth has played a massive role in people’s lives, we all started understanding the potentials of virtual health care, and Its increasing demand. Earlier when for any health-related issues visiting a doctor’s clinic is inescapable whereas now we have options to avoid those long queues of a doctor’s clinic and all the discomfort we have to face when we are already unwell.

Covid 19 has changed the outlook of telehealth services significantly. Interest in telehealth services has shifted from 11% to 76 % from 2019 to the current days. In addition, the health care provider finds it 57 – 64 % more favourable than PRE covid era. Type of services expanded evidently to improve the flexibility of virtual care services.

Not only for general medicine but also telehealth has spread its wings to virtual advice and medication for crucial health conditions such as OAB (overactive bladder disorder). To understand the pros, and cons associated with telehealth consultation for OAB first we need to know what overactive bladder disorder is?

Overactive bladder disorder (OAB) is a generally normal condition that makes an unexpected and extraordinary need of a pee, happening often times for the duration of the day and night. Some may even use bladder leakage pads to absorb the pee. In the event that you are assessed to have an overactive bladder, you might be thinking about a telehealth arrangement, rather than an office visit, for your subsequent consideration. You'll be glad to realize that a virtual specialist's visit can be an extraordinary method to deal with your overactive bladder treatment. In the event that you have a feeling that you've been hearing a ton about telehealth as of late, you're in good company.

How to initiate your telehealth appointment?

Telehealth is not a new word for many of us though its trending and surged in popularity during and after covid 19 pandemic. If you feel you hear it more frequently during these days you are not alone. To start with your telehealth appointment, you need to book your slot through an app or website with the health provider through a call or a text message or something similar to that. The next step is to meet your doctor on the scheduled date and time commonly through a video chat.
Make sure before your appointment that your phone or laptop is fully charged and check your internet connection as well, and don’t forget to make your pointers and question ready and keep ready with pen and paper to make your notes so that you won’t miss any important point during your virtual meet with your doctor.

You might have to wait in a virtual waiting room before meeting your doctors if he/she may be busy with some other patient, and keep himself ready for meeting you.

Topic to address in your virtual appointment with a urologist.

You will experience a lot of similarities between your virtual and physical appointment with your urologist and able to discuss issues related to your overactive bladder syndrome in real time which includes below pointers:

  • Discuss symptoms which bothers you regularly: It’s advisable to discuss symptoms you are facing due to your OAB: such as frequent urination, leakage of urine during coughing or sneezing, if you are maintaining a bladder dairy previously don’t hesitate to discuss the same with your urologist or discuss your medical history and medication you ever took or currently taking. It will help your urologist to understand your problem in detail and diagnose accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to ask about the effect of lifestyle modifications on your OAB: We all know the fact that lifestyle medication has a great impact even for some of the critical health issues, so you can ask your urologist about the food and drinks which can help you to deal with your health conditions, you can also ask about some exercise or some specific physical activity you are thinking or heard of.
  • Your treatment procedure and its impact: Lifestyle modification won’t be enough for everyone so discuss the other options such as if any medication can help you to treat your overactive bladder syndrome or you can also discuss the surgery that can be helpful in your condition. There are also bladder leakage products easily available in the market as a temporary solution for your overactive bladder, you can take advice on the products you are using earlier or ask about the best product which will be helpful in case of emergency.
  • What are the challenges of telehealth?


    Misdiagnosis happens regularly in-person medical care, yet the dangers increment with telehealth. Add to this the way that there is no unmistakable norm of care set up by state assemblies, and quality might be lopsided between one supplier and the following. Misdiagnosis can possibly drive up by and large expenses to the overall medical services framework too, in light of the fact that misdiagnoses prompt wrong remedies and therapies.

    Boundless Implementation

    The public authority has been endeavouring to address patient interest for telehealth by passing enactment like CONNECT (Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies), which extends the accessibility of administrations gave through telehealth under Medicare.

    Telehealth Vendors

    One special test of using telemedicine advances on an all-inclusive scale is the means by which to represent the merchants. Sellers are indispensable to the cycle; however, they are not considered capable nor are they made up for singular cases. Moreover, the line among the supplier and care stage is now and then obscured with regards to telehealth merchants.

    If your telehealth appointment won’t suffice?

    Despite the easy to access and flexibility of telehealth service, you still may feel disappointed and need a physical visit to your health care associate. You may miss the satisfaction of a physical check-up which can’t be possible during an online visit. In that case you follow your telehealth urologist advice till your next visit for the physical appointment or if you are really disappointed with the advice given or the prescribed medication is not helping you at all then you can share your feedback online so that the urologist gets to know the exact reason for your disappointment.

    There are millions of telehealth applications and urologists available online in the United States provide you proper guidance and assistance online, so don’t get disappointed if your first online experience is not up to the mark. Make sure you check the review of the application or that particular urologist before fixing your next appointment.

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In the time of covid pandemic as everybody is looking forward to teleconference instead of visiting a doctor. The author researched how to get ready for Telehealth Appointment with any doctor so that it may become successful. Have a look and get yourself ready for the successful meeting with the doctor.