The usage of Lotus Notes is basically done for emailing purpose and for fulfilling organizational needs like scheduling meetings, appointments; putting up tasks, and calendar entries, and the storage of contacts in grouped address book categories. Hence, if you are restricted to perform the operability of your Lotus Notes data just because of losing the encryption key of your database you would obviously find a possible way of doing so because the data is more important than the encryption of the NSF file. NSF to PST File Conversion if carried out via a reliable and capable application program can help you getting free from the encryption of your file so that the database is within your reach on a different platform if not on the Lotus Notes application. Meanwhile, it’s not only the encryption of Lotus Notes data but also some other drawbacks associated with the application which lead users to NSF to PST file conversion and hence, a range of software applications were introduced in the software market to render the respective process.

The Encryption

There are a wide range of types provided for encrypting the NSF database file hence, the procedure becomes a little bit complicated also as the users have to firstly choose the type and procedure of encrypting their data and then have to perform the encryption. The users can choose from any of the mentioned types and methods of encrypting Lotus Notes data and implement them for encrypting their database:

• Plaintext encryption method

• Cipher text encryption

• Encryption Algorithm

• RC4 stream encryption method

• RC2 block encryption method

• RSA public key block encryption method


• Database encryption

• Document encryption

• Field encryption

• Mail encryption

• Port encryption

The removal of encryption is even more complicated and hence, the users look out for any possible method which can provide them with the ability of accessing their NSF data without confronting encryption.

Check Encryption

If you require checking the encryption of your NSF file then all you have to do is try to open the respective NSF file by double clicking on it and if you get an error message stating “Local Access Protection” then the file is certainly encrypted.

Export Notes to Come Out Of Encryption

You can get over encryption of your NSF database with the help of NSF to PST tool which is an easily available Email Conversion program in the software market that allows them to execute Lotus Notes to Outlook file conversion with data security also ensured.

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