Whether you asked someone or accepted the date, nerves can be a major hinderance when it comes to being relaxed and enjoying yourself. There are a few things your can do to calm down, to put your best foot forward and to actually enjoy the date.

Do something you enjoy prior to your date
Go for a run if that's your thing, or do some yoga, get a message or play video games. Whatever feels right that will help you relax. Get yourself in a good mood by doing something you enjoy before the date. This will not only help you relax before your night, but it will make you happier.

Picture the date going well
“Relax” is good advice that's hard to take. First dates are nerve wracking. So, if you must think about it, at least picture it going well. You date will be charming and you'll be engaging. You will only make things for yourself if you imagine all of the worse things that can happen. Stay positive. There's a lot to be said for visualizing.

Stay in the moment
It's a date, not a life long commitment. Many people make the mistake of judging too soon or not enjoying themselves because they are already worrying about the next date. Don't look down the road to what they might be like in ten or fifteen years. Who cares? You're on a first date, enjoy yourself.

A smile works from the outside in too. When you consciously smile, it makes you feel good. It's why sales people often keep a mirror by the phone. If they smile while they're talking, it shows. Consider getting your teeth whitened by a dentist to give you a little extra confidence and look great, suggests Dr. Murray Knebel.

Focus on your date
Ask questions and get to know your date. It's important to really listen to their answers. If you focus on them, you'll be surprised how relaxed you'll be about yourself. Listening to them talk helps stem your own nervous chatter and allows you to get to know them more.

Have fun
The whole idea behind a first date is to get to know the other person, and hopefully, to have fun together. A sense of humor is important on a first date or in a long term relationship. At the end of the evening, if you've had fun, you'll likely be hoping there will be a second date.

Dating is tough, but if you can manage to relax, be yourself, and enjoy your date, you can come out the other end unscathed and even happy. Take a few steps to prepare yourself for a first date and enjoy the moment.

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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about family, health, home and lifestyle. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.