Is it really possible to get rid of your financial worries for ever? Yes, it is! There are only two simple secrets of keeping your financial house in order: (i) spend money wisely; and (ii) increase your source of income.

Spend money wisely

Money is a precious commodity, handle it carefully. Don't gamble with your hard earned money and don't waste it.

Buy for need, don't buy for fun. Don't buy the things you can never use.

Plan your personal budget in the light of your financial obligations, assets and needs.

When going out for shopping keep a list of items which you "really" need to buy and stick to your list.

Plan your vacations months ahead and do some research work to get the best deals. Write down every detail of expected expenditure. Set aside a budget for this purpose and remain within the stipulated limits. Don't over spend.

The excessive use of credit cards is the main reason of economic disaster and bankruptcy. Do not unnecessarily use the plastic money, instead pay cash.

Increase your sources of income

Educate yourself on investment matters as far as possible. Attend investment seminars/meetings, read books/magazines on money matters and get necessary advice from the professionals.

Don't depend on only one source of income. It's not enough to let you enjoy the life style of an affluent person.

Engage yourself in some part time business activity to generate more income.

Don't keep your spare money lying idle in the bank. Let it work for you to generate more money and keep on building a small money empire.

It is better to jump start your investment plan with whatever money you have rather than waiting for a time till you have a lot of money to invest.

Invest your money in some business venture, stocks, bonds, or buy an apartment and rent it out for residual income.

Plan your investment strategy wisely and carefully in line with your own financial resources and specific needs.

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