More women are opting for a healthy lifestyle through the use of strength and fitness training. Kettlebell DVDs are showing up on the Internet and in shops across the nation. These iron cannonballs with handles help males and females burn fat and build muscle in record time. One thing most beginners usually want to know is what size kettlebell is right for them to start their workouts. Weight training for women or males through the use of Kettlebell routines can be demanding and rigorous so it's a good idea to start off with the lightest weight to complete a circuit safely.

Circuit training routines

It's actually a good idea to start your circuit training routine with no weights at all. By learning the movements and developing your form without the weights, you're more likely to stay focused on finishing each action properly. As a beginner, there's no shame in learning the basic movements and adding weights gradually. One young lady took up Kettlebell training routines and ate healthy foods to lose weight. Within six months she lost over 100 pounds and kept it off through diet and exercise. Even if you subscribe to the “weight loss for idiots” program, you can actually have the benefit of Kettlebell training for beginners. Once you have mastered your circuit training moves, go ahead and start swinging the 5 or 10 pound Kettlebell.

It is not unusual to experience dramatic change in body composition within six months of consistent kettlebell training. By combining this type of old-school strength and physical condition with a fat loss for idiots program you can see substantial results within a month or two. Beginners who have developed good form with light weights can graduate to heavier kettlebells; it's imperative that you maintain proper form throughout the workout regardless of weight selection.

Proper technique and form is essential to gain the most from each movement while protecting your body from injury. The main difference between a kettlebell strength training and traditional free weights is that most workouts require the involvement of your entire body. Whether you are swinging the kettlebell with two hands, executing floor presses, squats or getups, you are utilizing all your muscles to stay balanced, while performing the movement.

Gauge your fitness level -

There's no shame in starting with lighter weights and working your way up as you progress through more challenging routines; this applies whether you are male or female. Your level of fitness should determine the amount of weight you use for each exercise. You will be using more than one kbell in some circumstances so don't overdo it. Before you start on any intense fitness program, you should get a full checkup from your health care provider.

If you have been sedentary for a few years, start with a complete physical exam. Trust me when I inform you that a full half hour session with this equipment can make you feel like you’ve just sprinted through a marathon. Kettlebell routines can be a great method of weight training for women.

These kettlebell workouts require both strength and stamina because you are combining fitness training and cardiovascular conditioning in one session. Go to a sporting goods store or your gym and perform 20 or 30 swings without huffing or turning blue .For many novice trainees, a five or 10 pound Kettlebell will be ideal for getting in shape.

Men and women find the simple exercises both demanding and refreshing. Now they can complete a short but incredible workout that targets their entire body in as little as 20 minutes. Consistent use of incredible kettlebell workouts offers an excellent fat burning routine for both males and women to get in shape and stay fit for life.

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