Let us first know what recruitment software is?
This is a part of the software of the human resource department of any company which looks after the posting of job vacancies in the company portal and also other job sites and thereby bringing to the top and selecting able and talented candidates as employees for several open positions in an organization. Recruitment software makes the whole process of recruitment of candidates organized and easy for any organization. Recruit So Simple makes and provides such software to various companies which are mostly designed and framed by following the latest trends of technology.

If any company wishes to hire cream talents at their service, then along with an engaging application process that would catch the attention of candidates in their first search, recruitment software is essential. Any recruitment software works in a simple technique, where during the process of the interview a candidate who has applied is tracked by making use of several reports from interviewers for making the process quick and convenient. With the help of this software, the employees of the HR department are given some relaxation from their workload. They can manage all other business activities while managing all employees with the utilisation of an effective system of technology.

There are several features of the recruitment agency software. They are as follows:-
• Applicant Tracking System
• Resume Parser
• Boolean Search
• Radius search
• Customer Relationship Management
• Chrome Extension
• Email integration

The recruitment agency software provided by Recruit So Simple is among the top ones and is used by most of the eminent organizations in the UK who appreciate the software and hence its popularity has increased to a great extent.

Certain factors have to be taken care of while investing in staffing software-
1. Feature List:- The software should contain innovative technology bestowed in it and robust features which would give forth powerful results.
2. Scalability and flexibility:- Any staffing technology must be easily scalable and flexible which meets the requirements of the firm in all sizes and types. Large organizations look for flexible software so that the number of users doesn’t get limited.
3. The past success of the vendor:- This feature should be checked necessarily to understand how much success the software is making in the market. In this respect, Recruit So Simple stands out with a good record.

The staffing software provided by Recruit So Simple is aimed to scale without keeping any limitation and cater to the needs of the organization at all costs. Also, they have various editions to the requirement of their clients at all stages of growth. For more details visit at: https://recruitsosimple.com/articles/staffing-software/

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