The most attractive parts in your face are the eyes and your lips. They have to be given ample care and maintenance to look gorgeous. Pouts or lips are the most seductive part of female beauty. It is very sensitive and thus requires special protection and care.

Pouts are thin-skinned and do not contain any oil glands. So the chances of dryness are more in your lips .Therefore it is very important to maintain them carefully. This helps in protecting your lips from spouting. Also use a lip balm to moisturize your lips. This helps in maintaining the softness in your lips. Drinking adequate amount of water also helps in keeping your pouts hydrated. Pouts might get easily discolored when prone to sunlight frequently. Therefore it is very essential to use a sunscreen for your pouts, while you are out in the sun. You should also remove the lip make up before going to the bed and moisturize to make it silky throughout the next day.

Dull and lifeless lips are the warning of unhealthy body. Lack of nutrients and vitamins can also cause problems with your lips. Eat food rich in vitamins and nutrients to over come this problem. Vitamin B, proteins and calcium are necessary for pink lips.
Keep yourself away from the tobacco and alcohol. This darkens the sensitive skin in your lips. A part from discoloration, this also dehydrates your lips. This finally results in cracked and dry lips.

Avoid licking your lips, this will make your lips dry and desiccated. Also circumvent from biting your lips, this will damage your lips and leave marks on your pouts.

Scrub your lips to avoid the accumulation of dead skin. This can be done with sugar and honey. They are natural scrubbers for removing the dead skin. After the removal of dead skin your pouts will look soft and supple.

Try to limit the use of lipsticks. They contain chemical substances and gradually lead to the discoloration of your pouts. Mix tomato along with butter to make your lips smooth and silky. This mixture can also cure the tanning in your lips. After a few days of usage, you could experience the drastic change in your pouts.
Want to sport Angelina Jolie’s perfect lips, then here is the solution. Use herbal products for gaining plump lips making you look more beautiful. Even men like women with sexy lips. It’s a fact. Lustrous lips’, pouting that perfect smile is a dream of every woman. A good lip gloss can make your lips look fuller. There are no side effects in this process. Side effects are caused when you take lip plumping injections and go in for surgery in order to plump your lips.
Drink lots of water to make your lips well hydrated and soft. As you age your lips also age. You might know that lips define your face. Find the best lip plumper in the market. Go for safe ones. There are vitamin based lip plumper as well as that which cause skin irritation, thus making the lips to swell. Vitamin based contain vitamin B and E thus increasing the blood flow around the lip area.
Herbal products are cent percentage safe for your lips. Always go for herbal lip care products. They are made from the natural ingredients and thus very much effective and trustworthy.

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