A sweet smile is all that it takes to light up the day, it gives pleasure to one and all. Sweet smile enhances your physical appearance and add a spark to it. The secret behind the sweet smile are the beautiful lips. Lips are exquisitely sensitive part of your body. Therefore, it is essential to take utmost care of your lips. Soft and supple lips are the highly attractive traits in both men and women; it indeed boosts up the confidence of an individual. There are a plethora of products thriving in the market claiming to achieve soft, smooth and rosy lips but need to empty your pockets every time to achieve your desire. The best, easy and inexpensive alternatives to achieve soft lips are the ingredients or the items that are already available at your home.

The most common problem we face is dark lips, cracked lips and chapped lips. Unlike other parts of our body, lips do not have the pigment melanin. It is covered with the thin layer of skin from outside and from inside it is covered by virtually transparent mucous membrane.

Sugar exfoliation or sloughing the dead skin is an essential step to achieve the soft, smooth and kissable lips. Prepare a homemade scrub by using equal amount of granulated sugar and olive oil, rub the mixture on your lips in circular motion to remove dead skin and add moisture. Sugar exfoliation should be done once in a week. Gentle dry exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and add extra moisture to the lips. Use soft clean dry toothbrush to gently remove the dead skin from the lips. This technique is less abrasive than that of sugar exfoliation and easy to be done anywhere.

Prepare an intense hydration masque by adding small and equal amount of petroleum jelly with honey and apply the mixture liberally to your lips. This hydration masque will seal in moisture and help you protect your lips. Apply this mixture every night before going to bed to allow the treatment to soak the masque without rubbing it.

One of the best way to keep your lips supple and moisture is by staying hydrated. Little consumption of water can manifest physically in dry, chapped or cracked lips. Therefore, consume plenty of water every day at least eight to nine cups of water is very much necessary for hydration.

Coconut oil is great ingredient and the best alternative to those expensive chap sticks and lip balms. Most of the products available in the market contains chemical which causes irritation to chapped and cracked lips, so you can make use of rich coconut oil to seal in the moisture and make them soft. You can mix coconut oil with petroleum jelly for a more substantial treatment to dry lips. To get soft, smooth and rosy lips prepare a mixture of equal amount of tomato paste with any cream or petroleum jelly and apply the mixture on your lackluster lips to get pink color. Maintain a pink color glow of your lips by adding red rose petal and heavy cream to the mixture.

Homemade techniques are the best alternatives as these may help you avoid the chemicals in retail lip treatment.

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