As the Year of the Water Dragon enters, companies are hopeful for a robust and fiery boost in their businesses. They wish for the dragon’s breath to fire away the bad luck and enjoy a prosperous 2012. Feng Shui experts share their knowledge of energy and positions to help everyone bring in the good luck they hope for this year. Feng Shui covers all aspects of your life and all areas of your personal and work spaces. It centres on the balance of energy – yin and yang – and the proper order or arrangement of things to draw in a smooth flow of good fortune.

Feng Shui doesn’t come to you to give you good luck; it’s you who makes the change and who is in charge. But proper guidance from and wise use of Feng Shui helps you towards your goal. If you are determined to make a great year for yourself, then be empowered and let Feng Shui help you make a difference in your year, in your life, and in your relationship with everything and everyone around you.

Using Your Element Colour for Positive Energy Flow

Start the change in your life with as simple as your colour choices. Yes, colours can help. In Feng Shui, colours are used according to the five elements of the Feng Shui theory: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. It is the easiest way to shift energy flow, so choose the colours that will create a harmonious space for you; and then, bring other decorative items into the space or wall that will complement your colour. Learn your Feng Shui Element and use this to determine your energy colours.

  • Fire – eagerness and high energy
    • Feng Shui Element of the South
    • Recommended in the Northeast and Southwest Feng Shui areas of your space
    • Fire Element Colours:
      • Red
      • Orange
      • Purple
      • Pink
      • Strong Yellow
  • Earth – nourishment and stability
    • Feng Shui Element of the Northeast and Southwest
    • Element of Centre of your home
    • Earth Element Colours:
      • Light Yellow
      • Beige and various Earthy or Sand Colours
  • Metal – clarity and preciseness
    • Feng Shui Element of the West and Northwest
    • Recommended in the North area of your space
    • Metal Element Colours:
      • Gray
      • White
  • Water – ease, freshness and abundance
    • Feng Shui Element of North
    • Recommended in the East and Southeast areas of your space
    • Water Element Colours:
      • Blue
      • Black
  • White – health and vitality
    • It’s the Feng Shui Element of the East and Southeast
    • Recommended in the South area of your space
    • Wood Element Colours:
      • Brown
      • Green

Using Feng Shui for Personal Development

Ch’i Change life coach Elaine Young believes in incorporating Feng Shui into one’s personal development to achieve a holistic change in mind, body and environment. Only when your inner energy is in tuned with your outside energy, and when you are in sync with your environment, that you become whole and experience harmony. That’s why she encourages everyone to join in her personal development exercises, learn from her Ch’i Change Workbook, and discover simple Feng Shui tips that could inspire lifestyle changes.

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Life coach and motivational speaker Elaine Young offers effective lifestyle mentoring and coaching for personal development. Chi Change is a professional coaching exercise based on neuroscience and positive psychology with Feng Shui tips included.