We wrapped last time with you writing some action steps that you are willing to commit to in order to make your health a priority in your life. Its all part of our Building Your Legacy series. Today, we are going to get even more specific with some tips and tools to increase your muscle, decrease your fat, and increase your flexibility.

To change your outcome, you must first change the inflow. Mindset was first- you should be there by now. Your healthy life should not come as a surprise to you 90 days from now. You are creating it all in your mind now, so you can see it and go chase it purposefully. Starting with what you eat.

From today forward, we want you to simply pay attention to what you eat, and how much of it. Good news for you… we LOVE food. So we are never going to ask you to be hungry. We will, however, ask you to pay attention to what every bite means to you. Today is the day that mindless eating goes away. Some things to consider:

1. Eat when you are hungry. Small, frequent meals.

2. Understand how much protein, fiber, carbs, and calories you are consuming. Remember, to lose weight, you have to burn more than you put in. In order to get the nutrients you need AND stay within your appropriate calorie range, it is critical that you maximize your nutrients per calorie. That leads us to the next tip….

3. The value of your calories is key. Shoot for less than 15% of your calories to come from fat. And make them “good” fats. Think heart healthy fats like avacado, olive oil, nuts, and almond butter.

4. Contrary to common belief, carbs are good. They just need to be the right kind of carbs, and in appropriate amounts. If you do not have enough fats (omegas/good fats) or not enough complex carbohydrates, your body will resort to other protein sources for its energy and it will hold on to the fat you already have as a defense mechanism. Do not let your organ systems stress by not having the right protein/carb/fat/fiber intake.

5. No more soda. (your teeth will also thank you). Increase your water to make it easier. If you have to have flavor, try a water flavor like Neuro mixed in.

There’s a ton more where this comes from, but the bottom line when it comes to your health is that you must be on purpose about it. And it must be tied to your WHY that we talked about earlier. In order to be truly successful in achieving the health and wellness you desire, you have to first be clear on why you even go through the effort to get there, and how it impacts your legacy. Every tip above and any tip we give you here on out is just that- a tip. Its up to you to make it measurable and meaningful in your life. Ready? Go.

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Hugs and support!
Aly & Andrea

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